Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Celebrity Couple Attack KL!

Kevin Foo Chuan Yee... Are you that sick of me talking about 'dear, dear, my dear...' in my blog??? What about you guys out there who are reading my blog?

I'm sorry if you are irritated, but I have no choice! I spent most of my time with him now, what can you expect wor? I love him so much that it's already killing me not to show you guys the photos we took together. So just bear with me for a while lar, okay? Alright, you have no choice, cos this is my bloody blog! :p
Being the celebrity couple as we are pretending to be, here are the pictures taken without him on Friday night as we went for our pak-tor session after my Korean class.Pavillion KL was just putting up their Christmas deco and we were so lucky to be among the first few people to take pics over there!
At around 10 at night, I was feeling like eating something (oh man, save me please! I'm so getting fatter and fatter! :S). So we went for this Ngau Kee Beef Noodles at a street behind Jalan Alor. My dear said he used to go there back then when he was still a college student.Ngau Kee Beef Noodles... Nice supper~! Yum~!
Like he said, the noodles isn't fantastic lar, but it was really okay. There were quite a lot of people having their supper over there you know! So I guess it has attracted some loyal supporters over the years! I personally think the minced meat on top of the noodles were really good, although it is obvious they were minced with machine... I went for the soup one... Oooh look at the beef belly~! Love it!
My dear had the dried wanton noodles.
The chili is quite different too, I can see lots of onion and serai in it.

And then we just had a walk around Bukit Bintang, while trying to find a place to sit down and have a drink and spend some time together.
And then we arrived at Island Bistro at Pavillion. Wow, so happening at night man! I love its design very very much! It's a bit like a Balinese design, with some oh-so-cute green colour (yay, green is the best!) cozy sofa and the unique-looking lights! Island Bistro at a glace....
I love this pic! Look at the green colour cushion! I wish I can have that cushion at home!
Too bad the kitchen was already closing when we were there, and we can only order the snack! Cos I think their salads and sandwiches look really nice... In the menu! So we had the extremely fattening and oily Tumeric Fried Chicken Wings which was pretty good! Aaaarrrhhhh... Yummy food are always very fattening, oily or unhealthy! :(I had the house pour white wine and my dear had his favourite Heineken.
My dear's masterpiece... Nice or not??? Got potential???
The very the yummy but oily chicken wings...

So that was another great night out with my dear~! :)


chuanyee said... name appeared!

chuanyee said...

heineken was my favorite too~ :(

ShiRLeXia said...

Ah... Chuan Yee... Your name appears in the latest post too! Check it out!
Yea... That's my dad's current favourite too!