Friday, November 27, 2009

Very SEDUCING Japanese-Style Chicken & Cucumber Salad

Remember on my birthday dinner this year at Pasta Zanmai? We actually ordered a few pasta dishes with the sesame sauce. For instance, I had this...It was some beef pasta with the sesame sauce lar. Well, the picture can't really show you how the sauce looks like. But I actually tasted the sesame sauce before when I Rene made this Chicken & Cucumber Salad with the Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing and I just totally fell in love with it. And then I made it for my family in Taiping last month and they all love it! My mum actually commanded me to buy more of the dressing for her even though it is actually quite expensive, considering the little content it has. I also made it for my dear few days back and he loves it 'three'!
So... I'm here to tell you this VERY SIMPLE yet VERY SEDUCING and SUPER YUMMY salad's recipe!

First of all, you will need...The Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing, which you can easily find at the Japanese confectionary shop. It's RM15.90 per bottle but you can get it at RM10.90 when they are having sales.Some cucumber, preferably Japanese cucumber. Cut into long pieces.Some chicken, any part but I guess the breast is better.

All you need to do is boil the chicken, pinch it into small pieces as showned on the picture above, then refrigirate it until it's cold. You can do the same with the cucumber too. Then take them out and mix well with the dressing! That's it! This is how it looks like when it's done! Trust me, this is a MUST TRY!!!
See, it's just sooooo bloody simple, but the taste is... Wow~ Mama Mia~! :)
Try this at home too~! :)

Oh, by the way... You still wanna know who my guy is? The so called 'voting' is still open in my previous post! :p

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