Saturday, November 28, 2009

Raya Haji @ Genting

So it was the first long weekend out of the lot which are coming the next month. My dear came up with a plan to bring me to Genting because I've only been to Genting twice. Listen, first time was when I was 6, where there were nothing yet up there! The second time was during college time when YV and Ally were kind enough to bring me there for Tension's (who? you'll say... David's Tao accapella group ler, remember???) mini concert, and that was at least 5 or 6 years ago! I had never been to any of the hotels, any of the restaurants except for KFC, any of the casinos or theme park... Sad, right???
Anywayz, first thing we did was walking around but Genting isn't that cold lor. I was wearing this low-v top also didn't feel the chill. Took some nice pics which I cannot show you yet cos there aren't 15 comments to say you want to see him yet (vote here)! Then he lost 100 bucks in the casino... :(

And then... Comes my favourite part! LUNCH!!! Oh I mean, FOOD!!!
We had the buffet lunch at Coffee Terace at Genting Highland Resort. They have buffet for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper till 2.30am! Amazing, right? And the lunch buffet we had was only RM 48 per head!
Okay, now let the pictures do the rest of the work...First round: Food from the Nyonya and Western Asian corner, Stir-fried Bak Choy with sotong, salad and some fruits.
I'm sooooo ready to swollow them up!!!
Second round: Stir-fried Kai Lan and Bak Choy with sotong, Satay, Grilled vege, chicken and lamb leg, brocoli soup from the Western corner.
Third round: Some dumplings and sweet and sour chicken from the Chinese corner, small snacks from the Local corner. Dear had his favourite curry noodles while I had Prawn Mee.
My fourth round: Teochew porridge.
Our dessert, we actually had two bowls of the ice-cream. The mint one was really yummy~! :)
They have a wide variety of food, which is what I like the most. From locals, Nyonya, Chinese, Western, Japanese to Western Asia. There are a lot of stuff that we were disappointed with, like their satays, the ayam percik and more lar. But I definitely love their salad bar and the stir-fried vege where you pick what you want and the chef will fry them for you. The curry noodles' soup was a bit too 'lemak', so only good for those santan lovers. Well I guess I would give the food there around 3 out of 5 lar. It's not really fantastic yet it's good to have a try lor. Plus, I think for RM48, it's worth it lor.
And then it started to rain heavily. Dear's plan always fail to work one lar... :p So we can only stay indoor. Strolled past almost every hotels and finally we decided to go for bowling. Or to be accurate, he played the bowling while I watch. Haha, Shirlexia the old lady having back pain mah... A preview of my very 'yao yeng' dear... 's back! :p
And I just love my pair of red shoes from Cotton On! So Comel~!
Well then still raining and we don't even know where to go. Plus, Genting is SOOOOO BLOODY CROWDED I HATE SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!! Even when we've decided to go have a cup of coffee at Starbucks it was all so crowded!!!
No choice, go home lor~!
But on the way, I kept seeing this signboard saying 'Taman Cendawan' and I demanded that we should go and have a look! Yea I was soooooo excited before finding out it was closed... :'(
Woow~~~~!!! Look at those mushroomsssss!!!!!
Dear said I looked so naturally excited in this pic! What lar? This is how I look like when I see mushroom lar!!!
Shirlexia looking very satisfied with the mushrooms she bought! Oh by the way, that top was a brand new one from Forever 21! Nice and sexay~!!!
Too bad the farm was closed for don't know what reason lar! So I have to take pictures with the fake but big mushroom outside and bought some really fresh mushrooms home! Yay~! I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!!And then there was this really fierce monkey trying to protect her son...
Well, my dear and I took a really nice pic with the fake mushroom too but you know, you know what to do... :p

Anywayz, I had a great day at Genting lar although the crowd and the rain kinda ruined it a bit but still I enjoyed the trip a lot and I must say a very big thank you to my dear for his effort! I really appreciate it okay, my dear! Love ya~! Muaksss....

Bonus pic:Yes! This is what I had for dinner last night. The mushroom I bought from Genting! Looks good, right??? It is yummy I tell ya, the mushrooms were really really fresh!!! *Slurp~~~~*


LayJinG said...

oh, my last visit to genting about 6years ago! haha... seems like u very happy pak tor~ing there!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha... It's just that me being in KL for so many years also I didn't go up. But hor, nothing very special lar, Genting all the buildings also damn old liao.
Yea... I guess I was having fun! :)

Hayley said...

eh, show us ur dear's actual photo la! :p

ShiRLeXia said...

Coming coming...

rainbow mushroom said...

guess what?! i just bought a white & gold pair from cotton-on like 2 weeks ago!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

See... Told ya Cotton On is cool!
I have a pair of black one too! My sis has the yellow, electric blue and gold one!
And... I just came back there with a new flower print pair! :p