Monday, November 2, 2009

Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai & the Homey Food...

Before I head back to KL tomorrow, here's a food review on a new place I went for makan in Taiping, plus other home-cooked dishes done by my dearest Ah Ma and mummy.

Since I wanted to try new stuff, my family suggested this restaurant. The Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai 海上is located in the little fish village of Sepetang, around 35 minutes drive from Taiping. I can tell you, that was only my second visit to Sepetang and my first one was way back when I was in F3! Phew~ Nevermind, I think a lot of you Taiping people haven't even been there before! :p
Alright, the restaurant is built right above the river. In fact, at the end of its ground floor, there is where the boats would stop to deliver the seafood, and upstairs would be where we had our sumptious PLUS guiltful dinner. So you can imagine how fresh the seafood are.Here we are~! You can already see the river view at the back.
The place where we had the dinner is like a balcony to the shop, where you get to see the river view leading to the sea. Really nice view that most costumers like me, would snap some pictures there before dinner.Some pictures taken, on a rainny evening...
One with my pa, who has cut down a bit of weight...
With Vivian, who always wants to open the eyes SO BIG for pictures.
We ordered some baby crab, baby prawns (both would be perfect snack if you have beer to go with), snails, Lai Liu Har, Steamed Groupa and a portion of vege (not uploading the vege pic cos the picture is a bit blurred). Very fresh and big snails... Yummy~ I love snails!!! RM7.
The baby prawans are really nice too! RM15.
It's just that you'll feel bad to eat these baby prawns and baby crabs cos they didn't even have a chance to grow bigger. :(RM12.
The medium size Lai Liu Har is selling at RM4 each.
Teochew Steamed Groupa, RM39.
I'm quite happy with the food, although mum said the fish was over-cooked. Not to say fantastic but it was enough lar. I love the baby crab and baby prawns, they are really yummy~! And the snails are about one of the biggest ones that I've ever tried, and they were cooked just ngam ngam hou~! :) One bad thing is that... This is a very very GUILTFUL dinner full of Cholesterol, which is not very good to pa... And my dear who is now enjoying his massage in Bangkok... :p
Anywayz, all the dishes, together with rice and Chinese tea, came up to RM110, which was well, still very cheap to me! People should just eat in Taiping cos food in Taiping are just madly cheap!

The rest are my home-cooked dinner for the other two nights in Taiping...Before that, let me introduce... Here are the chefs, my Ah Ma and mummy~! Say hi~!
Mum got the Sang Yu for me just because she knows I love them!
The fish head was then fried and cooked with some choy sum, and there you go, a very nutritious soup!
I requested for this before I came back, the pig kidney~! Dear, you sure you're going to stop eating them??? They are SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!
My mum knows me best... This special dish with golden mushroom, button mushroom and the Korean Enoki mushrooms was just specially made for me cos I'm a MUSHROOM MANIAC! :)
This some special steamed fish was my dinner tonight. Urm, sorry took these pics with my handphone...
Stir fried eggplant and long beans with sambal udang was another dish on my wish list! Love it!
The steamed Tofu with dried prawns has always been one of my favourite simple homey dish.
And the really nice herbal soup was just great!
Didn't get to stay long this time around. Will be heading back to KL tomorrow because of my Korean language class at night. But the bf won't be in KL yet. So sad... I miss you my dear! :(

Before that, here's a bonus picture...
Haha... I love bonus picture~!
Taken in front of my Ah Ma's place, which is also where CRAZY PEOPLE go there to see the wildboars. It now says:"BUS DO ENTER".


LayJinG said...

Oh, i like to eat pid kidney too! guess we share same interest in movies, and also food! hehe~

ShiRLeXia said...

We really can be good friends lar! Really wanna meet you one day!

chuanyee said...

I wan to eat the seafoods at kuala sepetang! I wan! must wan!

ShiRLeXia said...

You have two choices, one drive your family there to eat, or drive me there to eat!

rainbow mushroom said...

hey, i have that Darlie bowl that u use to put herbal soup! :p
anyway, i assume u can be my food guide if i were to have road trip to taiping ya...

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh yea you are so right YV!
My friend said I'm a food compass in Taiping! :p