Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inglorious Basterds, This is it!

Before everything, I just found out Lian Sze has been following my blog for a while and I didn't know that! So hi Lian Sze! :) And she actually told me that I don't update my blog so often nowadays!
I wonder if all my dear readers have the same feeling? Missing my crap already?
Hmmm... I think I'm just going through a change in my life at the moment, so yea I lost the opportunity to do certain things, but then at the same time there will be new stuff to crap about in my blog. Just give me some time, cos I'm just so busy because of 'the change'! :)

Inglorious Basterds
The movie is a story with World War II as background, surrounding the Nazis, French and Jewish. Pa will be shaking his head again if I say this... I've heard so much about the history of this war, it's just that I never remembered them, even once! HISTORY IS BORING!!!
Anywayz, its the kinda Quentin Tarantino movie, and I think people who love him would love this movie too! It's quite interesting the way he presented the movie. There are all these different stories and different people but you will never felt it's all mixed up. I just wish the movie can be a bit shorter, cos as it progresses slowly, it became a bit boring...
I personally like Melanie Laurent's acting and her character as Shosanna! She is so cool! After hearing much about Diane Kruger, I finally saw her in a movie! And hey, she looks so different in the movie! And I must say she is pretty and not-too-bad in acting too! :)
Okay, that's all I can remember, I actually watched the movie two weeks ago... :p

This Is It
Alright, I read and heard so many nice comments before watching it. Plus, my dear is a super fan of MJ, so yea, I went to watch it with him last night.
Well, I must say, I enjoy the movie, which I would prefer to call it the making of MJ supposed-to-be concert in London when it's all about the design and the flow of the concert. Seriously I'm so amazed by how the pre-production of the concert, and watching it only on rehearsal just makes me feel like wow~If this concert were to go on, it must be a BLOODY COOL one! And those back-up singers, musicians and dancers must be so sad losing the chance to be really on stage performing with the King of Pop! And the money and energy the people spent! Really, it's just such a big waste.
But yea other than that, it's not so much a movie, it's like a documentary, it's like watching non-stop of rehearsals. My dear and me both expected it to be better. I know some of you really like it but to me, it was just average.

Anywayz, my dear really can sing hey! He was singing along with MJ throughout the movie! I love guys who can sing! :)

Oh by the way, check this trailer out, it's one of my favourite actor, Tobey Maguire's latest movie, Brothers! I just can't wait to see this! I mean, when was the last time you see him in a movie??? Missed him soooooo much!!! And I can see his performance in this movie is going to be so good it might win him some awards, maybe~! :) We'll see!
And I always thought he and Jake Gyllenhaal look alike! Now they finally play brothers in the movie!


Tan Lian Sze said...

Hi, here I am again. Read your blog. Well, I like your blog cos it's very informative, and it quenches my thirst for the latest movies and nice food...cos Im stuck in "san ka la" place you know...no shopping complexes, no karaoke..no cinema....so I need to keep myself connected to the ëntertainment world mah... Anyway, I've always enjoyed reading your blog.图文并茂,加油!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks again Lian Sze! :)

rainbow mushroom said...

i love Inglorious Basterds!!!
i love d lines, i love d editing, i love d italian jokes~ hahahaa!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Ah... Good that you like it...
I didn't like it too much...