Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Valentine's Day means to me?

Okay, this may sounds a bit sour, but I'm telling the truth. Not that I haven't have any relationship and bf in my life. It just happened I've never spent any Valentine's Day with a bf. Hmmmmm... I really do hope to have a bf for Valentine's Day, although I don't understand why is it such a special day???
Karen and I went out today to have our very own Valentine's Day celebration and we discussed about Valentine's Day and the couples we saw. To sum it up, Valentine's Day is probably a day that a guy is being 'wat' (in Cantonese) to buy present, pay for meal (or meals), pay for movies, etc. While girls with roses on their hands would feel prouder on this special day. So that was why Karen and I were so pissed off when the Forever 21 girl gave roses out to everyone who stepped into the shop except for us!!! What the hell??? What's wrong with us? This is a bloody hell discrimination!!! Aaaaaarrrgggg...
Anywayz, what I'm trying to say is, like Mother's Day or Father's Day, you can treat everyday as Valentine's Day. Look, I'm sure almost everyday you go movie or go for a meal with your other half. I'm sure once in a while you get flowers, and I'm so bloody sure you guys wear the couples T-shirts whenever you feel like!!! So what is so special about Valentine's Day??? You tell me.
Well, I know what Valentine's Day this year means to me.
It was about FOOD and SHOPPING!!!
Karen and I had a short day out today. She's been freaking busy with her work sometimes it's too much that she got so emo and I didn't even dare to talk to her when she is emo (gosh, that was such a long sentence). So today we finally got like a few hours to catch-up. I hope she switch job lar, like me, I'm so much more happier now! :) We first had lunch at Sushi Zanmai, food were still as yummy as ever, and it worths the money! And then we went to do some money spending session... Bought some stuff (most of them from Jusco as I was using the member day voucher), and ate very expensive ice-cream to wrap up our very own Valentine's Day! :)Shirlexia has got swollen eyes so she has to post picture of her best friend in stead of herself. :p
See! I got Valentine's day present also!!! (Thanks Karen)
People have couples t-shirt, so what? We bought couple make-up bag! And look, they are in polka dots!!!
*Sorry, I was having a swollen eye, so wasn't in a mood to take too many pictures.
It is Valentine's Day! Although I didn't have any kind of candle light dinner date or anything near to that, I decided I should make a Valentine's Day dinner for myself, my sister and her friends. As you can see, I have still more than half a packet of macaroni from the previous thing I made. So I made macaroni again today, not Hong Kong style, but Western style. I named it Cold Macaroni and Tuna Salad. This is such an easy dish to make, the only thing you need to cook is the macaroni!
The ingredients are: Macaroni, tuna in olive oil, tamoto, capsicum, oak salad leafs and black pepper and salt for the taste.Food also need to pose for picture!
You might notice I put tomatoes into almost everything. That's because I'm a tomato lover, tomato is like a must in my fridge!!! Tomatoes is a healty food (although I don't know what exactly are in it and I'm so lazy to go search for it) and they are good for your eyes! See, that is why I don't wear glasses! :p
Next step, is to of course boil the macaroni for about 10 minutes in salt water. Cut the tomato and capsicum, wash the oak leaf and make the tuna chunks into smaller pieces.
Everything in the process...
And then you will have to make everything cold! This dish tastes good only when it's cold enough! I put cold water (tap water) over the boiled macaroni and stored them in the fridge for about 30 minutes. I did the same (store into fridge) to the other ingredients after cutting and washing them. Of course, you can mixed tham all together first before storing them into the fridge. I chose not to to avoid having too much water in the bottom of the salad in the end of the day.
Make sure the macaroni is cold enough!!!
So, no need me to tell you lar, the next step is to mix everything together, add in loads of black pepper to taste.Ohyea, I later added in the Taiwanese sausages too!
To serve the dish, I put the oak leafs (god only knows what is that, I just bought something that looks like vege for salad) on the plate, and put the salad over them, well, just to make it prettier...Another very healthy and easy to make meal! :)
I know it looks a bit like the couscous I made earlier, well then no choice, that's about the same stuff you can put in to make salad anywayz. Ducum and co. enjoying my salad... My god, look at Ducum's face!!! Kakakaka...
Of course, people who ate it (I'm not saying myself, okay) said it is yummy!!! :)


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

yea...i totally agree with u on wat u said abt valentine.
valentine nia ma, so wat?
u r such a good cook.wana be the chef of our cincai cafe =P

ShiRLeXia said...

Wah, I've got somebody with a bf to agree with me on the things I said about Valentine's Day wor!
I haven't even officially join ur cincai group!

Anonymous said...

walao bao , why put my photo .. it look like hantu ....
so yesterday tq u la teman me on valentine day , today i tell our one leaturer abt the forever 21 case... she also angry when listen to my story ... haha we boikot them .. wat the stupid shop ... hahaha weell like my present ??
oh where mine present wowohahah


ShiRLeXia said...

You always complain abt ur photo lar! I think it looks ok!
I'm very interested to know who is that lecturer, who is that???
Ei? I thought I gave u present liao? The Baskin Robin???