Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breakfast Buffet @ Atrium Cafe, Pyramid Tower

I actually had a bad experience with Atrium Cafe's hi-tea buffet last birthday. But I wanted to give the breakfast buffet a try because I figured breakfast only mah, no matter how it won't go too wrong, right?
So I got my dear up early today just to have breakfast with me, because I love having breakfast! Like 卢广仲said, breakfast is rock & roll style~~~!!!
Okay, too much of talking...
First look at the stuff that they have over there, I was amazed! They have Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cuisine, with a big pastry counter that sweet lovers would love! The Indian department amazed me the most. They have like roti canai, tosai and whole loads of different curries! Perhaps it's because Indians love to dine here? Hmmm... Anywayz, the breakfast buffet there was just what I'm looking for! :D
Here are what we had...Shirlexia's style is... Have fruit before meal.
First plate we had, with even smoked salmon and smoked duck!
Fried Mihoon, baked beans and fried egg! Yum, I love fried mihoon as breakfast!
My dear was so surprised with the... (he is so funny that's why we clicked! :p)
The rendang chicken which he had with the nasi lemak lar! The rendang was super delicious okay!
What? I can't eat my salad with chopsticks meh???
The very bad dim sum but very nice onion and mushoom omelette, which I had another one later. :p
My Teochew porridge with some Yao Tiu. Quite nice too!
The sweet pastry department... Didn't like them too much though.
Had another plate of this, and then some cornflakes later too.
Overall, the breakfast buffet was pretty good. Nice food, nice atmosphere and all. It's better than the one we had at Maytower earlier. Well I wish the dim sum can be improved though, they are really bad. But yea, overall it was a nice and enjoyable breakfast outing with my dear.
We tried to take some pics over there but none of them turn out to be very good. So I'm putting this pic that we took a night ealier in stead...And the mat salleh behind as our background...
Nice??? :p


Michelle Gan said...

Greetings from Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa!

We're delighted to hear about your dining experience at Atrium Cafe. We truly appreciate your feedback as we strive to continually improve our offerings.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you back again.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Michelle...
Any special offers or vouchers??? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirlexia,

We currently have the 'Steal Deals' promotion at Atrium Cafe offering 40% discount on lunch, hi-tea and dinner buffet every Thursday to Sunday till 28 February.

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, why not try dining at Sun & Surf restaurant as we also have a promotion offering 40% off for lunch and dinner buffets every Monday to Wednesday starting from 15 February till 31 March 2010.

Thank you and we look forward to you dining with us again.

Virgillia Lee
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks for informing.
Yeap, we will see if we have time after we had our holiday at home. :)