Sunday, August 29, 2010

Step Up 3(D) is BLOODY AWESOME~!!!

Step Up 3(I didn't watch the 3D one)
You know a movie, or to be more accurate, a performance is really really good when you get the whole cinema went "WOW~!" or literally applauded in the cinema! I'm so freaking serious! Everybody was cheering and clapping hands watching the movie!
The movie started straight to the point, cut it really short in terms of introduction of the entire cast, which is a super plus point. I mean, this is a dance movie and non of the cast are any famous people so the dance part is more important. I wouldn't think the story is fantastic too because it's just always the same thing for dance movies. But besides that I think I'm gonna say I love everything about it!
I love the choreography! And my favourite would be the popping guy! Do check out the final performance where he teamed up with Moose to make an impressive head drop move! And the creativity this time in terms of different types of stages, the fact that there are Asians in their group(and boy that tall guy is so cool!), and the fact that they use the LED lights to make their costumes! I also love the part where Moose and Camille dance on the street! It's so like those old school movies, like Dancing in the Rain that kinda stuff but it's so cool with some new moves and effective usage of the props all along the street! That's probably my favourite part of the movie. Competition wise, the second round and the final was awesome!
Well done again Jon Chu!
You know what? If I have the time, I'm so gonna watch it a second time! Maybe in 3D this time around!



Hayley said...

You watched the non-3D also damn awesome already, then what about the 3D one?
Yesterday I went to Taiping Sentral to buy ticket for Step Up, but the counter girl told me, 'belum'... =_=

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea I guess! I so want to watch the 3D one now!!!
Ah... Maybe you should go watch it in Penang!