Saturday, April 10, 2010

We had fun on the first day we were both job-free~!

Hmmm... 'Job-free' sounds so much better than 'jobless'! :p
Alright, my dear isn't jobless lar, he is changing job, and so he is now waiting for his first day at his new work to come somewhere after we return from our Taipei trip. So when you guys were busy at work on Friday, we had a day full of activities and... food, of course! :)

Breaky @ Old Town Kopitiam, Bandar SunwayI do looked like I just woke up not too long ago, didn't I?
Early in the morning we went for breakfast at one of our favourite breakfast places, Old Town. If you haven't know, Old Town serves some breakfast value meals too, just like in McD and KFC.The noodles, which I think is quite nutritious.
And we always go for Set 4, which is the noodles with sausage and fried egg. It's pretty yummy, with a very nice scent of the sesame oil(oh, everybody loves sesame oil). Okay, It might be just instant noodles you can make yourself at home, but hey how many of you actually want to wake up early in the morning to cook this? Plus, make a drink to go with it? Just pay RM5.50 and you'll get the bowl of noodles and a cup of tea of coffee to start your day! :D

After the wholesome breakfast, we went to run some errands, some serious business lar before we headed all the way to Puchong for Lunch!

Lunchy @ Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head Noodles Restaurant, Bandar Puteri, Puchong
I'm always a fan of Fish Head Noodles and once a friend of mine told me about this restaurant, I told myself I MUST GO TRY THIS ONE!!! Just because he keeps taking pics of me, I have to take some of his too!
I was SOOOOO excited about the noodles!
To my disappointment, they only serve the salmon sashimi during weekends! Aiks, why??? ;(
No choice, no salmon sashimi for me, we both ordered the same thing, the Cod Fish Neck & Belly with Cho Mai(thick Meehoon) and the Sesame Prawn on Toast to share. The Cod Fish Neck & Belly Noodles, RM15.50.
Their chili is pretty famous too.
The amazingly fresh and yummy cod fish!
Sesame Prawn on Toast, RM7.90
At RM15.50 per bowl, I'm sure it isn't cheap. But hey it's cod fish lar, give them a break, they need to earn their money too mah! But I think most important thing is, it was worth every cent of it. The cod fish is super fresh! And the way they fried it, I don't know, it just tastes very different and yummy! And I definitely love the soup with loads of Chinese wine in it too! Yum~! The Sesame Prawn on Toast is also pretty good, good choice if you are like us, don't fancy fried fish head as snack.
Not to forget, their special Cucumber Lemon Juice and Kedodong(Umbra) Salty Plum Juice! I think the drinks are unforgettable too! Definitely a MUST TRY!The juices are RM4.50 each.
But the restaurant is really way too hot you'll feel very uncomfortable. Can the boss please take note of this, please???

And then we went home to get some rest before diving into the pool for another swimming session.
Well, if you haven't yet know, I'm learning swimming with a personal coach--the bf. I now know how to swim breast stroke and is enjoying the muscle-building the sport is giving me. I really didn't know I would enjoy swimming so much! :D

Dinner @ Teow Chew Meng Restaurant, Subang SS14
Wanted to go for something light for dinner after a whole day of heavy meals. Ended up having seafood porridge at Teow Chew Meng Restaurant.I wish that is REALLY my dad's restaurant. :p
*My dad is a Teow Chew and his name's Chinese word is actually exactly the same as the 'Meng' at this restaurant. Haha, that's why I always say that's my dad's restaurant! :p

Apparently, the restaurant has branches in SS2 and in some Damansara area. But I guess maybe it was us being too early, there weren't many people when we were there. Weird. Whole loads of seafood dishes I hope I can have all of them!
Anywayz, since there were only two of us, we only ordered two stuff from the menu which tempted me a lot with their range of seafood dishes! *still salivating because of the pictures of octopus and oysters~~~*The Seafood Porridge for two. Looks big but it didn't really make us full.
Just because we love this picture a lot... Hahaha...

When the porridge is in the small bowl...
Vegetables at RM10 for a small one.
I must say the seafood porridge is pretty good. Even my dear who doesn't like porridge thinks it was not too bad. It has prawns, fish, sea asparagus, minced pork and some mushroom. The taste is pretty nice, just that you might feel it's a bit salty when it comes to the end. But to me, RM11 per pax is a bit pricey lor. I mean, after all, we only had about 3 small bowls of the porridge each, a bit not too worth the price lor. I just love porridge!!! Call me a real Teow Chew, won't ya?
Still, not too bad a choice if you hate eating normal Teow Chew porridge with plain porridge and some dishes (just like my dear, or is it a guy's thing?).

Well, it's back to home-cooked dinner for the weekend and we are both very excited and cannot wait any longer to land on the land of Taipei for their famous snack food! Really, can't wait!!!


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