Monday, July 14, 2008

Our very own FASHION SHOW! Yay~~~

It was freaking 1 something mid night and Ducum and I decided to take some pictures of the dresses we bought from an online shopping website, which is owned by my friend Yue Bao. I'm basically quite addicted to it because it has a variety of clothings from Korea, Taiwan and China and they are CHEAP!
The dresses that Ducum and I bought are seriously CHEAP & NICE! Kenapa? Tak percaya ka? Check them out then!Very nice dress which can be worn as formal wear or casual wear. I just fell in love once I saw this on the website! It costs RM35.That's the very cute pink colour so-called 'lantern dress'. That's RM38.I know, this really lady-like dress doesn't look like my kinda dress. But it's GREEN! I love it, although I know I will only get to wear it to special occasions... It's only RM52!Here's the black dress that Ducum really like! And this one is under a special department... The bigger size department! It's RM58. Yup, the bigger size ones are bit more expensive.Now, I really like this one... Damn nice one man, and it's only RM39!!!
Then... It's modeling time!Haha... Ducum and I can be models lar, seriously! :p
And then I decided to do an Amy Winehouse stunt...
To send an angry message to Daniel Tang Cheng Ket...Try to make me pay you 500, I say NO~NO~NO~
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