Monday, June 6, 2011

(Failed) Braised Yee Mee

Hi guys! I'm back again! This time to share another recipe I recently tried. 'Failed' might be a bit too heavy but yea it didn't turn out to be what I wanted it to be...What you need: Chopped garlic, prawn (I was hard working enough this time to remove everything including the shit but excluding the tails), chicken thigh strips marinated with soya sauce and pepper, Shitake Mushroom, cabbage, Yee Mee soaked in water for about 2 minutes.

What to do:
1. In a wok, heat up some oil, then simmer the garlic.2. When the garlic turn a little brownish, dump the chicken, prawn and mushroom. Stir fry them a bit.
3. Add in generous amount of water, I also added in the water from the bowl of water I used to soak the mushrooms. It gives you some added flavour you see.4. When the chicken and prawns are cooked, add in the cabbage and fry them evenly.5. Next, add in the Yee Mee. Quickly also add in some dark soya sauce and light soya sauce.6. Add more water and cover lit to braise the noodles.7. You can have a taste check before you serve your yummy noodles!

I got the idea of making this noodles because I've tried and am very much in love with Braised Yee Mee with Bai Kuat (pork ribs). It's just that for a first try, I used chicken in stead of pork. Well, it was edible but it wasn't what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be a bit wet, with some yummy gravy but perhaps because I used too much of noodles so it all went wrong lar. I will definitely take note of this and make sure the next time it will be a better one! Still looks pretty good lar, isn't it???

Wait! That's not all!
I have more food to share!

Few weeks back, before 4e and Uncle Mike went off to Germany (Uncle Mike's home country), we had a mini Popiah Gathering with Ah Ma's Special Popiah...Please give up counting how many ingredients were there in the popiah!
It was really the first time I tried her Popiah! Regardless of anything, the amount of stuff to be stuffed into that popiah was already good enough for me to say "BRILLIANT"! Our host of the day... 4e! She might be sipping her cup noodles in Germany now... :p
I think I had more than 10 rolls in the end of the day and yet I didn't feel bad at all! I just thought the Popiah was yummy but healthy! Love it! And imagine all the hard work of preparing those ingredients came from an 80-plus Ah Ma who recently had a heart-attack! Hat-off for my Super Ah Ma. You see, I don't simply call her 'Super Ah Ma' for no reason. :pSome people are surely envy of how lovely and close we are as a family!

Oh by the way I finally tried the porridge at Soong Kee! Remember the place for yummy beef noodles? There is always a stall outside selling porridge and I've been missing it because every time I visit that place the stall is either closed (they only open for dinner and their stuff got sold out very early) or it wasn't even open for business. Look at the amount of spare parts!!! Woo~Hoo~!!!
I was really excited and proud to be their last few customers that night before the closed. I ordered a pork innards porridge to try. Although the porridge itself was a bit too salty for me, but whatever served with the porridge were all fantastic. And oh my they were sooooooo generous with the spare parts! Oooopsss... I know they are bad but oh well how often do you see me eating them??? :p
I think everyone should give this a try! :)

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