Monday, December 26, 2011

C & N lunch @ Truffles Restaurant

One thing that keeps me moving at work is when my students win awards or medals at competitions. Although I'm not the one who train them, there is always a sense of pride when I see them winning stuff. Deardo always say I'm so patriotic about my company, but the truth is, I'm actually very proud of the students, not the company.
So I've decided to tell you guys about this very interesting lunch date I had with some colleagues from other departments the other day. It was a lunch at Truffles Restaurant, the usual restaurant where the students cook and serve their customers like us. But that day we went because it was the Advanced Diploma class, which means these students are the ones who concentrate in cooking a lot, which also means food they serve should be better than the rest lar! Basically I jumped into the opportunity once I heard there were lobster served that day! :p
Let's see the dishes on the menu...Our appetizer which I forgot what they are called...
The Garlic Soup.
Deconstructed Lobster Thermidor with Nicoise Salad.
Beef Wellington, Vegetable with Confit Garlic Bernaise Sauce and Beef Juice.
Ocean Trout in Butter Sauce with Polenta and Confit Onion.
Apple Sorbet with Brittany Prune Castard.
Basically the class has a theme where the meal was inspired Chef Paul Bacuse, a French Master Chef. So obviously those were French dishes, which you and I might not really used to. I mean, first thing I saw in the menu... Garlic Soup? Er... Wouldn't it be very smelly? Well surprisingly it doesn't give you any bad breath at all! It was really smooth and comforting to the stomach! Then the lobster salad really blew me off! Ignore the green salad at the side (which was quite a normal salad), the baked lobster was surprisingly fresh and tastes really mama mia~!!! :D Then we were given a choice of beef or salmon as our main course in which I had the salmon, which was yummy but a little oily. I can actually see them enjoyed the beef more actually, although I can see some of them are a bit overcooked... Hey they are students lar, they are allowed to do mistakes, okay? As for dessert, I love the apple sorbet but I'm definitely not a fan of the prune custard... Er simply because I'm not a fan of prune perhaps?Macaroons to go with tea and coffee.
And then we had macaroons to go with tea and coffee! For your information, our own Chef Karam is the one chef who is super famous with his macaroons! And that day the pistachio macaroons really drove me crazy! Not only the texture remains chewy yet not sticky to the teeth (which is basically my perfect standard of macaroons), they weren't too sweet to my liking too! NICE~! :DSay hi to Evelyn who likes to do funny stunts and Vivien who looks at her awkwardly...
The ladies who enjoyed their lunch.
Even for the Advanced Diploma class, we only need to pay RM10 for all that amount of food!!! How cool is that, right? And I'm seriously not promoting the hospitality, tourism and culinary arts school here in my blog because the restaurant isn't open to the public yet and I actually gave my honest thought about the food. I'm just sharing my extraordinary experience of having such fine-dining lunch with you guys! Of course, if you are dropping by to visit me one day and want to try-out our students' work, I'm more than happy to have lunch with you at the restaurants too! Advanced reservation is a must though!!! :)

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