Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Extraordinary Christmas!

This year's Christmas was a very unique one. Nothing to do with any fancy Christmas celebration of Christmas dinner or whatever, it was perhaps, more meaningful than that. I'm loving the colour of my Baju Kurung I bought this Raya!
Yeap, one of the three musketeers got hitched on Christmas this year! It was Lina's engagement party! I think Rev and I were pretty excited about not only because it was Lina's engagement party, but also because it was our first Malay engagement party (well if I'm not mistaken, I've attended one before too but I was very late when I arrived at that person's house). Lina's bride's kebaya was wooohoo gorgeous and sexay~!
One with the bride before the ceremony starts~!
After a while accompanying Lina in her room, we went down to join the crowd as the ceremony started. Urm... Quite an eye-opening, really... We both thought it would be a very religiously done ceremony with loads of praying and stuff, but it turned out to be both sides sort of having a chat over the offering (hantaran). It actually sounded more like having a sit-down comedy. Well we kinda enjoyed it you see. :pWe were sitting right in front of these people who joked about the engagement... Hahaha...
Very modern, and very Lina's set-up. I love it a lot too!
The hantaran...
Lina and her mother-in-law!!!
How? How's my wedding photography skills? :p
The couple!
Lina and her lovely family...
The ceremony was done in a blink, surprisingly! What we got to bring home as a souvenir is this cute little cookie with a polka doted ribbon!
Of course, during the ceremony Rev actually told me about her guy whom she is planning to wed in 2013! Woohoo~ Absolutely exciting and I'm really happy for her too! :DBride's best friends also need to touch-up, okay?
After lunch, we managed to grab the bride and groom to snap some pictures with us before leaving Lina's house...Here we go~!
Our usual 1Malaysia picture, but this one even more meaningful than that stupid slogan lar!
With the happy bride!
Honestly, I have not attended any close friends wedding (eh ehm... Because they all refuse to get married yet! Hello??? Guys???) yet, until Lina's engagement party (her wedding is to be followed in June next year). Because the ceremony was a bit shockingly short, so I've not have much feeling about how touching and how sweet the party was. But deep in my heart, I know I'm really happy for Lina (and Rev too in a way)! I couldn't wait any longer to attend my other friends' wedding! Can't wait to play 'Ji Mui' for the first time and torture the guys! Bring it on guys! Kekekekeke...

P/S: I didn't have a special Christmas with romantic dinner like you will expect me to have but I did get a Christmas prezzie from Deardo Wong!Bling bling bling blingzzzzzzzzzz... :D


Hayley said...

Very nice pelamin!

I bet the kenduri was nice too!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha I didn't even know that's call a pelamin!!!

Well it was a very nice and simple party! :)