Thursday, December 15, 2011

COOL weekend getaway~!

Courtesy of 3e and Uncle Thong, Deardo and I spent a night at Avillion, Port Dickson and were surprised guests of their 25th Anniversary as a married couple! Avillion stay was cool, but 25 years together? That's super duper COOL!!!Romantic dinner for five, please!!! :p
So... I've decided to start this blog about the 25th Anniversary dinner at the Crow's Nest Restaurant at Avillion. It was a five-course Chinese ala fine-dining dinner. Interesting...Tea Smoked Seafood with Honey Mustard Mesclun Salad, Olive Oil and Balsamic Reduction. No idea why is it 'reduction'? I'm not a chef...
Braised Shark Fin Soup with Dried Scallop.
Tossed Prawn Mayo with Grated Nutmeg stuffed Chicken Roll with Seaweed and Crabmeat.
Crispy Duck with Young Mango Salad, Poached Broccoli, Garlic Fried Rice.
Double-boiled Snow Jelly with Ginseng in Coconut Shell.
The food were better than expected really. I especially love the entree and the dessert! And to present Chinese cuisine in a fine-dining way was really cute too! Food and wine make a happy foodie~! :)
3e and Uncle Thong! Awwww~~~ So cute~~!!!
What's even cuter was the fact that this was a total surprise to 3e! She only went to Avillion thinking of having a short weekend getaway just like us and only to find out it was a little celebration for their 25th anniversary as we reached the dinner table! After the dinner, Uncle Thong demanded that we go to this cafe downstairs and there the staff served up another surprise! An anniversary cake! Us enjoying the cake and the songs!
At their age, they certainly look like a couple who are still so much in love with each other! And the surprises made Uncle Thong such a sweet and romantic husband! I can only feel the sweetness looking at them and I hope my future hubby is like him! *hint hint hint~~*
There was a wedding dinner with a Hong Kong couple going on at the private beach that night too!

It was my second visit to Avillion after almost 10 years! I remember vividly how much I love that place even though it has been years! Although the Port Dickson beach isn't fantastic, the resort itself is to-die-for. The water chalets especially were simply too cool to forget! It's like you're staying in a floating house!
Hence I was so excited to be there again! Our room as we arrived at night...
The very cool toilet with an open air shower!
The little bed next to the window is one of my favourite corner of the room! Imagine looking at the stars there at night!
The cool shower and the sea water you can see right below the shower!
It was raining quite bad in the morning so here went our balcony...
After a morning sleep... *Yawn~~~*
Uncle Thong and Deardo Wong enjoying their beer at the balcony of 3e's room!
Well I must say some of the furniture in the room are already quite old by now, but other than that, wow, the room is still nice! And the little balcony facing and just above the sea water! And and the open air shower! Woohoo~~!!! Still love the room a lot! :D

Because it was only a short weekend getaway, we didn't go anywhere out of the resort. We spent our time sleeping, eating, walking around and using the facilities available at the resort itself. So here goes...We went to the animal feeding farm where Deardo did this when feeding the little peacock. :p
You know what, I looooooveeeee peacocks!!! They are the most gorgeous animal on earth!
That's why I demanded to take a picture with him, even when he is so high up on the roof!
We swam a little at the big pool only for adults...
And a little at this general pool where kids are allowed...
And we met Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah and the Spice Garden, standing next to each other!
The garden chalets. A cheaper choice but I think they are not too bad a choice too!
Then it was very hot in the afternoon and we couldn't have fun at the beach... :(
See... The walkway to our room! Cool right?
Avillion has an award-winning spa and we were there!
Of course it was only for members only but 3e brought us in anywayz!
Very nice and comfortable deco and colour!!!
And no... We didn't go for the spa or the coffee... We were just getting ourselves amazed and snapping loads of pictures!
How could we miss a chance to take picture there??? That place was simply fantastic!!!
Jan Yi, 3e, me and Deardo took a group picture before leaving that place unwillingly... :(
It was a very short but fun getaway and I must thank 3e and Uncle Thong for that! I think Avillion is still a very nice place for people who need to relax and do nothing at all! I mean, the room itself is so fun to stay in that you wish that you wouldn't need to leave the room!

Can't wait any longer for my next holiday~!!! Er... When is that? Hmmmm...

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