Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNY Fashion Shoot

Honestly, I never thought of myself being a fashion blogger or whatsoever. I love fashion a lot that's true, but you won't always see me in super fancy outfits with super thick make-up camwhoring non-stop in my blog. Well, I wish I have that much of time and camwhoring skills but I really don't, or haven't got to that level yet. In fact, Deardo Wong isn't a bf who always enjoy me with thick make-up and sometimes very reluctant to help snap pictures of myself.
Hence, every CNY I always try to make it a point to snap some nice pictures with my CNY clothes, regardless of whether they are new or old ones. Ah well, I have Ducum who loves snapping pictures and now, even helps in my make-up! So why miss this opportunity? *wink~*

Day 1
This red colour dress is said to be a Victoria Beckham-inspired one. I got it at RM75 from the flea market at The Curve. I love the red colour on the dress and the little pleats at the waistline basically helped cover my little tummy a lot! Best of all, I can also wear this to work! Bag was an old one from Teetoo, shoe also old one from Vincci.
Just to give you a closer look at the accessories I was wearing. Gold studs on black leather bracelet from a shop at Lala Land, Sunway Pyramid (price: forgotten), Long earrings from Vincci (price: forgotten), gift ribbon-alike ring from Vincci (price: forgotten) and multi-coloured rocks ring from Mango (RM49).

Day 2
I love this so-called 'fish tail' maxi dress I got from Cocktails a lot!!! And I believe a lot of my friends also love it! Well it actually looks a bit too grand for casual events but oh well who cares? Most importantly I love it to the maxxxxx!!! My tiny belt was one of my best buys in Bangkok at  around RM15 and necklace was from Promod and shoe from Payless (all old ones, hence cannot remember how much).

Day 3
Don't you think this Cheongsam dress is uber cute??? Look at the polka dots parts! Bloody cool, right? I got it from Jusco at only RM79 (if I'm not mistaken). I know my bracelet looks very tiny here but still want to tell you cos I love it a lot! Got it during Mango's sales at RM39.
Oh yes, I'm sure now you can tell that I REALLY love RED!!! :D
To me, red is the new green!!!

I'm not the only fashionista at home okay!!!
Thank god for such fun sisters! We can be serious fashion models, also do funny poses. Eh wait, the heartache, stomachache and headache poses were serious fashion poses okay! :p

And... and... fun family too!!! Remember this?
As you know, the last time we took real family photos was CNY 2009. So we made a sudden decision to take some family pictures on the first day of CNY before leaving home to go bai nian. See, I have such sporting parent, isn't it? Normal picture, rocker picture, hip hop picture... Name it and we can do it! Blek~! :p

Basically forced I Rene and Abby into posing with us for this picture! Check the shoes out, only one side! Hahahahaha... What? Not funney meh? ==|||

I hope you enjoy this CNY fashion post! 

I think I was very lazy this CNY, lazy to go out, lazy to do work, lazy to blog and lazy to do any socialising. So to those cousins, relatives and friends, sorry for not spending more time with you guys this CNY! I hope I can make it up next CNY, okay? Honestly, I DO NOT believe it is the end of the world this year! I truly believe it can only be a better year for me and many of you this year! Agree, no???
Once again, Happy CNY and all the best people!!! :)


Sheoh Yan said...

I enjoy reading this post and seeing all the pictures. You have a very sporting parents and funny sisters. I can feel the good bonding in your family. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Yan!
Yea as we grew older, we became closer! :D
Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too!

LayJinG said...

So RED!!! And u rocks! hehe~Sexy, classic, glamour.... all different styles!

ShiRLeXia said...

Wah such a compliment ler! I will be pai seh one ler! :p
Thanks a lot Lay Jing! :)