Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy CNY people~! :D

So... Yes, I noticed I've become super duper unreasonably lazy since arriving home. I didn't even turn on my lappy for the first two days home! Hence, today I'm just going to make a short photo blog before going to bed as we prepare for the New Year's Eve (oh gosh, haven't even start cleaning the room and help mop the floor and make the milo dessert and... So many things!).
I'm definitely missing Little Yue Yue... Many said she looks like Deardo Wong! What do you think? Nah... Don't worry, she is not mine, she is Deardo's sister's newborn baby!

Was trying this very uniquely design Cheongsam at Jusco the other day. I noticed Jusco always sell really nice and cheap traditional wears like Kebaya, Kurung and Cheongsam... I got most of mine there. Can you I guess did I buy this home? *wink~~*

I've made this year's CNY look more like a Christmas! Gifts for the family all wrapped in CNY-themed wrapping papers! Cool or not jek???

I'm pretty sure nothing can be cooler than this hi-tea set! I bought the 2-tier hi-tea plates from Aino, Got the Macaroons from Chef Karam (as usual, they are simply the best ones and I couldn't help but bought them back just so that Mamo and Papo can try them), got Vivian to peeled the mini Mandarins and a out-of-the-blue idea of adding 'Bak Gua' (the BBQ pork slices) on top of the tuna on rice crackers to make this very fusion and interesting (or at least I think so) hi-tea at home! Mind you, Some actually find the combination of tuna and 'Bak Gua' damn nice okay??? *proud face~~~*

Roast Pork Bones Porridge!!! I've asked to reserve the bones before coming home so here it is, just to answer my long crave for Mamo's Roast Pork Bones Porridge! ZOMG it was so so so yummy and satisfying!!!

I certainly love playing with my cousin sisters Karina (top) and Tessa (bottom)! Don't you think they look super cute in my kitty glasses???

Before signing off...

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