Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heart-warming soups @ Tang Shifu Restaurant

Ok I lied. Ok I know I just said I'm not updating until I reach Taiping but I figured this is a short food review so I better do it before going home!
Tang Shifu, as the name says it, is a restaurant that sells all kinda soups, especially Chinese herbal soups. So one day when we decided to be healthy and skip all the fried or deep fried stuff, as well as rice, we decided to give this restaurant a try.
They do serve all kinda soups, most of them comes in a set with rice and a side dish. But as we were (and are still) trying to skip rice, we opted for the ones with mee suah.
Oh but before I go any further, there was an incident that almost made Deardo Wong walk out of that restaurant before having the meal there.
Here's what happened... This guy, quite old and I assumed he is the manager or someone senior. He was really friendly and all and took our order and went off. Then we waited for about 15 minutes and our food weren't served yet. We looked around and hey there were only a couple of tables occupied and a table who came after us got their food before us! So we started to wonder... So did the senior guy, who finally made his suspicious move towards our table. He opened his mouth and said :"Hi, have you guys ordered?" Deardo and I went totally = = ||| "We just ordered with you!" We told him. Deardo became mad and wanted to leave. That freaked that guy out, like totally! He quickly said sorry and he miraculously remembered what we ordered! So I held Deardo down and said let's try and give him a chance, okay?
Mee Suah with Herbs & Rice Wine, RM13.90.
Mee Suah with Dried Scallop & Abalone Slices, RM15.90.
Poached Vegetable with Wolfberry, RM15.90.
Luckily we stayed actually., cos the food turned out to be quite nice. The soups tasted really 'herbal', as in they were a bit bitter, which also means they uses the right ingredients! The Poached vegetables, although not as good as what Ah Ma and Mamo can do, it was definitely satisfying, probably just third behind Ah Ma and Mamo's. Definitely a must try! :)
Together with service charge, the dinner cost us RM53. Quite a normal pricing if you ask me. Not too bad a choice for those who miss home-cooked soup a lot!

Tang Shifu Restaurant
Lot LG2, 32,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Tel: 03-5636 6772

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