Friday, January 27, 2012

My Cool CNY (not talking about the weather though)

Hello people~!
As I only have one more day to spend in Taiping before going back to KL reality, I'm finding myself in deep shit! Ah, maybe not as serious as deep shit, but man I have got so many things undone yet! Ish!
Anywayz, how was your CNY?
Mine was... Quite happening actually, although I do think that the atmosphere isn't as heavy anymore compared to the last few years.
To sum up my CNY, here are some pictures...
Just a random decorative item I did at home! Talking about branding... Ah hem..

Our CNY reunion dinner... I know I looked ugly in this pic but come on lar, pay attention to the food, not me!

We went to Papo's friend's house for a CNY Open House where we had food of all races in Malaysia! Char Kuey Tiaw, Tosai, Cendol, etc!

And we love camwhoring with my iPhone 4s!!!

See! Didn't I just told you we love camwhoring with my iPhone 4s???

Ducum and I with our cute ang pows which we gave to our Ah Ma on first day of CNY.

I met my cousin's son (and what should I call him huh?) for the second time (Yea, we only meet once a year you see...) and the moment I put on the kitty glasses onto his face, he smiled! Shoooooo freaking cute lor!!! :p

Talking about kids, how can I miss Tessa? See how cute is she???

Ducum and I definitely love playing with the girls, Carina and Tessa and I bet they love posing with us for pictures too! In fact I think they are such good posers as compared to us!!!

Oh gosh, look at Little Yue Yue with the baby suit I bought for her from Cotton On! Seriously over-cute lor!!! Kekekekeke...

The old friends gathering happened as usual, this year on the second day. We took quite a lot of pictures that day and I need to wait for them from XT now...

Deardo met Ah Ma (dad's side) for the first time, finally!!! And yes he got the head-to-toe check from her, as expected... Kekekekekeke...

Went hiking with Papo and Vivian one fine morning just to burn a bit of fat eaten over the CNY and snapped pics of the plants that I love a lot but I don't know what to call them. :S

But that hike was nothing compared to my Maxwell Hill hike, which reached another record for myself as I reached 3.2km of the climb (damn I was half dead after the climb)!

Drinking session is a must for all CNYs! Agree, no?

Drinking session number two! Can you believe we actually finished dad's box of Hoogarden and Budweiser in few days time?

I hope you had a fantastic CNY too! Make sure you take a good rest before heading back to work yea! :)
Stay tuned for another post on our CNY fashion shoot! *wink~~*


Hayley said...

What a happening CNY!
I havent compile my CNY photos, abit lazy actually, LOL.

ShiRLeXia said...

Actually if I'm not rushing back to work I will also be lazy as you... :p