Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mamo's Siu Mai Recipe~! Yahoo~!

I love cooking at home (as in in Taiping). Despite having problems to find certain ingredients in Taiping, I've always enjoy cooking at home because most of the time I don't need to prepare the ingredients cos Mamo will always buy most of the stuff needed and she and Vivian will always help up in cleaning and cutting the ingredients! So yes, the last trip I asked Mamo to prepare stuff for me to make her signature Siu Mai that we all love eating them just like that!
I'm skipping the ingredients as you will pick them up while you read through the entire process...
1) Mince some pork and shrimps together. Try not to mince the shrimps too much.
2) Put them in a mixing bowl together with some chopped water chestnuts.Mix them all well.
3) Now add in sufficient amount of soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil to taste. Mix them all well.
4) Add in some cornflour to soften the meat. Let the meat and shrimp marinate in the sauces and let it be in the fridge for at least 3 hours.
5) Then put some amount of the meat onto the middle of wanton skin, which you can easily find at any supermarket. Then wrap it up by pushing the skin up around the meat. You know how normal Siu Mais look like right? Lay the Siu Mais on a steal plate or steam-able plate.
6) Now comes the garnishing part! Steam or microwave one or two salted egg in a bowl and when it's cooked, take the yolk out and cut into small bits.
7) sprinkle them on top of the Siu Mais before sending them to steam in a wok! Steam them yummy Siu Mais for 10-15 minutes and you are done!

Honestly, I never thought Siu Mai can be so easy to make. I was really amazed when Mamo first made this for us to try few years back! Although it might not be as standard as those you can find at the restaurants, but for a homemade version, this recipe can make possibly better Siu Mais than some restaurants outside! I especially love it that Mamo adds in the water chestnuts to make the Siu Mais a little crunchier and juicer to bite! The minced pork and shrimp are also often used to make tasty Sui Gao and Wontan at home!
Now here are three small tips for you...
1. If you love to feel the flesh of fresh shrimps meat, you can also choose to use whole shrimps in stead of mincing them into the pork.
2. In stead of salted eggs yolk, you can also use carrot bits to garnish the Siu Mai. In fact, most Siu Mais outside have carrot bits on top.
3. If you look properly at the pictures, I left the excessive Wanton Skin 'flying' on top of the Siu Mais. Normally people will cut them off so that the Siu Mais look neater. But I left them there cos I love eating Wanton skin! :p

This is definitely a very simple recipe isn't it? Happy trying!
It's Siu Mais and Chinese tea for hi-tea for me!!!

Oh by the way, I also attempted Thai Mango Sticky Rice at home but it failed...
Looks really nice isn't it???? Who knows it was actually a failed project? :p
Well not to say it totally fail, but it was waaaaaaaayyyy to salty to be put into the mouth... Aiks~! :p

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Yong said...

May be you should mention that the pork mince must

Contain 20% pork fat , this will make the dim sum more tasty.