Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Very Famous Curry Mee @ Kuala Sepetang

Kuala Sepetang, or formerly known as Port Weld, is about an hour drive away from Taiping. I used to have some friends who stayed there but have only been there like twice? The last time I visited the village was way back in 2009
I know, however that there is this very famous Curry Mee stall there which I have always wanted to try but didn't get to try until two months back when I went there with Papo and Mamo to give out some wedding invites to Papo's relatives who are residents of Kuala Sepetang.
Because the fish village is so small, once you reach the town, you can easily find the stall in between some old shop houses. Alternatively, you can look out for the signature 'Port Weld' KTM sign and the stall is just right there, on the ex-railway trail itself! FYI, Port Weld train station was the first one in the entire Malaysia!
Small and humble village business they are! :)
So it was already quite busy when we arrived around 3pm or so. We sat down and ordered our food - one Curry Mee, one Loh Mee and one Prawn Noodle, as well as some prawn fritters and tofu to share.
Prawn fritters and Tofu, RM1 each.
The very famous Sepetang Curry Mee!
Sepetang's signature Loh Mee!
Prawn Noodle
The Curry Mee is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to those that you normally eat. The soup doesn't have too much of Santan flavour (which I really like), but has this really strong prawn flavour in it, making it believable that hey the soup is totally prawn based! I mean, it's Sepetang man, the sea is their home there so everything from the sea are fresh here okay! Also love the fact that they are so generous with the pork blood and prawns! Love the Loh Mee heaps too, very nicely done soup and look at those deep fried Fu Chuk! That is quite unique to Sepetang and Taiping's Loh Mee you know, I've not seen any of those in KL yet so far! So yumzzzz~~~!!! Personally though, not such a fan of the Prawn Noodle. It's not bad, just that I've definitely tasted better ones. All noodles are only selling at RM2.80 per bowl!!! :D
Us enjoying our er... 2nd lunch of the day!
Then the super duper fresh prawn fritters! So crispy and fresh I can truly understand why is it that there are constantly crowd buying from the friendly aunty! And the Prawn tofu I reckon, is also quite unique to Sepetang, are also not too bad! RM1 per piece only yo! Dirt cheap!!! 
While the place isn't the most comfortable place to dine at, the quality of food is certainly enough to beat that all! Fresh, delicious and most importantly, cheap! Love it and believe it or not, blogging about this is making me salivating and wanting some Curry Mee and Loh Mee!!! Gahhhh... I wanna go home!!! 

Curry Mee Stall in Kuala Sepetang
Jalan Taiping, and trust me, you will get there easily! *wink~*

*According to Hayley, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. 


Hayley said...

Their curry mee and laksa are to die for! Haha xD
But I don't like the flies there, and I'll sure sweat like pig eating under the hot roof.

ShiRLeXia said...

Then I think I was really lucky it wasn't such a hot day when I was there!