Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quality Food & Bread @ B-Lab, Mont Kiara

B-Lab is a relatively new restaurant opened quite recently at Mount Kiara. The people behind the restaurant are definitely not new though, I recognised some of them straight away and later found out, indeed they are previously from Bonjour Garden!
The entire settings of the restaurant is pretty modern but neat and comfortable. You get to order hot food and drinks from the menu, which is at the moment with quite limited choices, as well as pick your own bread from the bread section.
Anyway, been there twice and here are what we had the first time with Deardo's family for dinner, only few days after their official opening.
Garlic & Chili Prawn, RM29.
Pancetta & Mushrooms Ragout, RM27.
Short Rib, RM38.
Pressed Pork Belly, RM35.
Out of all the dishes, my personal favourite would be the Garlic & Chili Prawn Pasta. While it may sound and look like an ordinary seafood Aglio Olio, the flavour I get from the pasta was undeniably unique. It really does feel like there are seafood broth used in the pasta and that makes whole loads of difference! I really just love that dish! The Short Rib, which is braised with red wine was pretty awesome too. Very tender and flavourful, definitely one of their must-trys. The Pressed Pork belly wasn't too impressive though I won't say it's all that bad either, but the herb gnocchi were really yummy I couldn't stop eating it!
Smoked Duck & Brie Pizza, RM30.
The Smoked Duck & Brie Pizza was something different and it certainly got the approval from me! Crusty base, I'm assuming homemade tomato paste and very yummy cheese! Big love for that pizza!
Fresh Orange Juice.
Some Lime & Mint Mojito.

And a proof that Lil' Jolie knows how to pose better than her 'Kau Fu'! :p
We had three drinks and a piece of bread for Jolie, together with service charges, all came up to slightly over RM200 for the meal. It is slightly on the pricey side, but I wouldn't say it is the most expensive one yet!

I went there again with Yve Vonn for lunch and we had some breads, as well as a pizza...
My favourite! Black Sesame Bun!
Cream Cheese & Raisin and the Pain Au Chocolat. 
This time around, I must highlight how good their breads are! I mean, it could be because the breads just came out of the oven when we were there, but they were really awesome! The Black Sesame Bun not only has the nice fragrant from the black sesame, but also has a savoury twist in the ham and cheese! Oh so yummy! The Cream Cheese and Raisin Bun (some Japanese bun I forgot the name) is another item I'm so in love with. The bread is soft and the cream cheese just melt in your mouth! Love it! 
We had a Spicy Hungarian Sausage Pizza and damn that was awesome! I mean, I always love sausages but I've never tried this Spicy Hungarian Sausage which turned out to be so delicious! Just a little spicy, but nice, chewy texture, and again with those tomato paste and cheese... Yumzzz... I think I'll have to say this: You can't go wrong with their pizzas at B-Lab!
On both visits, I did find a very serious flaw in their service, and that is being very slow. And by that, I mean EXTREMELY SUPER SLOW... It's not that there aren't enough staff as well, it's just maybe some organisations in the kitchen aren't that ready for customers yet? It took us forever to get our final dish on our first visit as the rest of us finished our own meals, while on my second visit I almost peed the shit out of myself waiting for the pizza to arrive cos I was already out for lunch for more than 2 hours! So yes, good food, but the restaurant would be almost perfect if they can up their service! :)

G-3A, Level G,
VERVE Shops Mont‘ Kiara,
No.8, Jalan Kiara 5,
Mont Kiara


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