Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Snap Shots from Fira, Santorini!

After three wonderful nights in Oia, we moved to Fira for two nights before heading home. Fira is more in the centre of the Santorini island, known to be the main town of Santorini.
Some shots of the town of Fira.

It is as crowded as Oia I must say, since it was still quite a peak season when we were there. As a main town, Fira has more variety of restaurants and bars, perhaps more variety of shops too. We found Carrefour! And things in there are way cheaper than Oia too! :)
Something a little more familar and we went yay! :p
Wedding under strong wind? There they had it!

View wise, we still really prefer Oia (and that's why I said we made the right choice staying in Oia longer). In Fira you get a different view, mainly the famous caldera view. Even at sunset, the sun sets near the caldera. Unfortunately weather was not too good so the sunset wasn't really nice too.
View of the Caldera is indeed something quite unique and magical too!

The weather became crazily cold and windy the last few days so I won't lie and say we enjoy our stay there. But yes, it is a happening town with more choices in terms of food that we even ended up having Chinese food at a very interesting restaurant (more about food soon, very soon)!
Me in Fira, a shade darker! Crazy Greek waether... Sunny then cold wind WTH!
Just a closing picture of a church near the place we stayed (will blog about the stay later too).

Fira can be reached by bus from most parts of the island. While it is worth visiting for the food and probably grocery shopping, I think we really do prefer Oia. Of course, as a relaxing holiday, these are the only two towns we have stop by. We didn't really bother going to the beach since it became really cold (wasted my newly bought swimwear too), but in our honest opinion Oia is the best! :)


Hayley said...

Santorini is another place I wish to go, simply beautiful!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Hayley!

Must go before it become way too commercialised!