Saturday, November 22, 2014

Awesome Udon @ Kodawari Menya, 1 Mont Kiara

Udon noodles is my least favourite noodle compared to the likes of Soba or Ramen, but thanks to some generous Japanese who decided to bring their handmade Udon over to KL, I have found love in Udon in Sanuki Udon and Manmaru Homemade Udon, with the latter being the one that I frequent quite a lot until they changed their concept to non-self-service and a price hike in all items.
Fortunately, Kodawari Menya came to the rescue! The originally Japanese chain Udon outlet located in 1 Mont Kiara runs on a self-service basis, choose your Udon flavour and size, then proceed to pick your favourite side of Tempura, pay  and dig in! Of course, if you are a civilised or follow-the-rules person, you would return the tray and all bowls and cutlery to them after your meal.
Kimuchi Udon (small), RM12.90.
Niku Udon (Regular), RM16.90.
Their Udon flavours aren't that extensive yet and so far we have only tried the Niku (beef) and Kimuchi flavours. The Kimuchi flavours comes in a light soup with a little spiciness in the Kimuchi that comes with it. It's a very satisfying vegetarian bowl of Udon. But I think the real star is really the beef Udon! If you are a fan of the fishy smell from beef and lamb, you will love the taste and smell of the nicely cooked thin sliced beef dip into the soup. Oh so smelly yet so good!!! 
The Udon here doesn't have the springy texture I was hoping for but they are very soft and nice to chew with, which I would say still pretty delicious! 
Tempura we had: 2 Ebi (RM8), 1 Chicken (RM3.50), 1 Ika (RM3.50) and 1 Shitake (RM2). 
While the Tempura aren't very impressive, they are still a must just in case you need something extra to fill you stomach with. I would recommend the Ebi Tempura.
Japanese Udon FTW!!!
Together with a refillable green tea, we paid RM48.80 for a meal there which was quite acceptable. It is to me personally, a very nice and cozy place to enjoy some awesome handmade Udon noodle!

Kodawari Menya
L1-21A, 1st Floor,
1 Mont Kiara,
No.1 Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 1669

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