Monday, November 24, 2014

We Found out the Gender of our Baby!

As you may or not know, I've announced earlier in this blog that I've been knocked up and Deardo and I are expecting a baby next year. :)

Now, even before I got pregnant we have talked about whether we want a boy or a girl and we both had a mutual answer, but definitely because of different reasons, which may sound funny to many. We both wanted a boy because 1) Deardo can have fun playing and have someone to inherit his car stuff and 2) I do not want to spend double of my fashion loot on my girl because girl's dresses and accessories are way too cute to resist sometimes I feel like just buying them to keep! 

Of course when we found out I'm pregnant, all we wanted is a healthy baby. Deardo especially made it clear that even if it's a girl he will love her just like how he is enjoying his time with his niece, Jolie. I still secretly hope it's a boy though cos I really hope if we have a second child, the second child will have a 'koko' (big brother), something I have always wanted as a teenage girl cos big brothers are normally more loving towards their younger siblings, especially a girl! Aye?

The odds are pretty low though. The Tan family has only girls, all three girls! As for his family, it's very balance so you can't tell. In fact both MIL and SIL had girls as their first child. It's almost certain, it's going to be a girl for us too...

So just a few days ago we went to our monthly check-up. At 16 week, we were just excited to see our little baby again through the ultrasound because I heard you might not be able to see the gender of your baby as expected because the baby might cover his/her important part. Hehe... Well luckily for us, our little one was showing of his 'asset'! Yup, we are having a boy!!! 
A picture of our little one from the bottom up. 
I was in doubt at first because I've heard stories about things change the next month and all that so I had to reconfirm with the doctor? At first she went: 90%, then on further scanning she went:"Aiya, it's a boy lar!"

I held on to my excitement until Deardo and I were in the lift alone down in the hospital to go lie on him and said:"YAY! We are having a boy!" with a biggest smile on my face, or at least I could imagine.

We haven't really started buying anything for the baby but I'm very excited to start soon! Haha! But, before that, comes the battle of NAMING OUR BOY!!! Me being the more creative and adventurous one VS the more conservative Deardo will battle it out in this battle to name our boy a perfect name! 

Don't stay tune. It's going to be messy. LOL!


Hayley said...

Boy or girl, most importantly is being healthy la!

Congratulations once again! Take good care!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Of course Hayley! :)

Thank you very much!