Thursday, November 20, 2014

Some Vain Photos from Santorini for the Album Yo!

WARNING: Heavy vain photos ahead. You can skip this if you are not in a mood to see me and Deardo modelling away like nobody's business. LOL.

I guess the reason I really wanted to visit Santorni was because of how many bloggers who have went there that have only compliments for the island and of course, it is, supposedly a romantic place to be, whether you are there to have your wedding or wedding photos taken (which we won't do due to financial constrains) or to enjoy your honeymoon. For us, it was the latter.

Deardo is such a sweetheart though because choosing to have our vacation in Santorini, which was mainly my choice of place, would means we give up on his dream places to go, e.g. Germany or Japan. With a baby on our way, we can't even promise ourselves that we will make his dream come true any soon. For that, I know, despite occasional arguments or disagreements we have on life, I have married a man who puts me on top of his priority list. :)

He nevertheless, I can see, enjoyed Santorini a lot in the end. Cos the island is, despite all the pollution of overcrowded tourists, undeniably beautiful and a perfect place to relax and forget about whatever bad things that is happening in life. Of course, I can say he enjoyed it also because he was willing to go around taking these vain photos with me! :p

Anyway, the point here is, since we didn't have our wedding or take wedding photos here, we took some vain photos of ourselves in Oia, Santorini, as well as some sweet husband-and-wife photos which turned out to be pretty awesome too! We took these photos mostly with a monopod or tripod on timer.

Of course, we only have a semi-DSLR which takes good photos but probably not of professional level yet lar! And of course, because I was about 2-month preggers, I can't be jumping for photos or even climb up somewhere to snap pictures. Well, in fact, in Santorini, you will get scolding if you climb on their white roof to take pictures. That was probably the only time I felt people there are damn rude...

In case you want to know, my beautiful bare-back dress is from MGP Label, sunglasses is from Gucci while that hat that I always have to hold on to because of the wind was from a souvenir shop right in Oia. Deardo's checkered shirt is from H&M, shorts from Padini, shoes from Puma and sunglasses from Ray Ban. I got almost same shirt too from H&M! See photos below! 

Please do note that because I'm very lazy  and that these photos are already nice on their own, there are absolutely zero filter and zero editing done on these photos too! I swear even if they look like they have been edited, they weren't!!! 

Okay, thanks for watching! :p

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