Sunday, December 21, 2014

Super Awesome Homemade Burgers @ Restaurant Burger Hong Ya

From the outside, many may think twice before entering Hong Ya Hamburger (or officially Restaurant Burger Hong Ya), a Taiwanese breakfast/burger chain that has recently landed in Malaysia with their first outlet at SS15, Subang Jaya. I was however, quite eager to give them a try since I know Taiwanese are very big on their breakfast shops and the quality shouldn't be too bad.
So the restaurant sells mainly burgers, from chicken, pork, bacon till chicken floss, with the filling can be slipped into breads for sandwich for their breakfast menu available till 12pm. The cheapest burger is only RM4,90 and the most expensive is RM7,90 (ala carte price). You order your food, choose ala carte or combo and sit down and wait for your food to arrive.
The best thing about the food here is that it's obvious their burger buns are uniquely theirs and the pork patty are definitely homemade with bits of carrots in it and tastes pretty light compared to those commercialised ones out there. And how cool is it to have eggs in your burgers, just like what you get at your favourite Ramly Burger stalls out there?
Pork, Bacon & Egg Burger, RM9.90 for a combo set.
Kala Chicken + fried egg combo set, RM11.90.
For an early dinner, we sampled the Pork, Bacon & Egg Burger, which is a new item in their menu. The homemade patty is lovely, tender and juicy yet not overly salty. It goes really well with the lettuce, fried egg, bacon and some orange-coloured sauce that I'm not sure what it is, but definitely not Thousand Island. Very delicious and homey. The Kala Chicken Burger (we went for the spicy one) is a bit of KFC's Zinger Burger, only this one the entire piece of chicken is chicken thigh and tasted a little lighter and less oily, while still managed to remain very crunchy. We top it up with a fried egg (additional RM1) to make it a wholesome yet super addictive burger! Yummmzzz to the maxxx!!!
Criss-cut fries in stead of normal fries for us!
The combo comes with either a fries or the criss-cut fries and ours was the latter which was pretty crispy too!
Our tea to go with our meal! :)
Oh, did I mention the drinks don't necessarily has to be cheap fizzy drinks? Oh yeah, we added RM1 and had Taiwanese fresh milk tea and black tea to go with the burgers and that is really a big plus point, especially when they are not very sweet too! Love them!
I think we just found a new favourite place to eat near our house! Even our little baby loves it ( I guess...). :p
We paid RM21.80 for the two combo sets (no other extra charges yet) and thought hey that was such an awesome dinner at such an affordable price! I mean, at some other burger joints, you could probably only get one ala carte burger with that price okay! We are so going back to have more of their yummy burgers!!! And you guys should really try this place out!!!

Hong Ya Hamburger
74, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel:03-5613 0155

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