Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Great Hang-out Spot @ Metal Box, Empire Damansara

Read about Metal Box earlier and got to know that the chef was from the famous Red BeanBag and he and another chef who opened Metal Box both hailed from Taiping! So what's wrong with supporting some fellow Taiping Lang, you say?
The interior, design, usage of lights and recycled materials distinguished themselves from the rest. I especially love how they play with their hanging lights with wooden boxes and rubbish bins/buckets!
But instead of brunch, we were there for an early dinner. Their breakfast menu were still available, but Deardo and I were keener to try out their dinner dishes so here we go...
Sauteed Mushrooms, RM8.90.
Sauteed Spinach, RM8.90.
Being very healthy, we ordered a Sauteed Mushrooms and a Sauteed Spinach as starters. The mushrooms dish with at least three different types of mushrooms were pretty unique and yummy, although I couldn't take too much of it (baby totally hates mushrooms, which is mummy's favourite food, weird boy...). As for the spinach, I was expecting a well-cooked spinach like what you get in maybe a pie or quiche, but this half-cooked spinach is just a little weird to me.
Beef Ragout Pasta, RM18.90.
My Last Barn, RM25.90.
I had a Beef Ragout Pasta which might not look very nice, but tasted very delicious! The Penne took the natural flavour from the minced beef and it was just perfect without any white or red sauce! The shaved cheese on top also added some extra kick and texture to the already pretty perfect dish! It's definitely a must try. Deardo had the My Last Barn, which is basically a spring chicken with some grilled vegetables and potatoes. The chicken wasn't too bad, but the vegetables need some serious improvement in terms of taste and presentation.
Cappuccino, RM8.90.
Fresh Orange Juice, RM8.90.
Their coffee is quite above average as well, I'm sure they will go well with their more signature breakfast menu, which perhaps I will return to have a try one day.
Choose the right dish and you'll be happy! :p
We paid RM89.55, including 10% service charge for the dinner, which is a little on a higher side. I don't think the mains are expensive, but the side dishes are the ones that cost us dearly. Food wise, let's say not all dishes are satisfying but I bet there are still time for them to fine-tune the dishes since we were there when they were still quite new.
Shall go back one day for brunch!

Metal Box
G12, Empire Damansara,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7731 9560


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