Friday, December 12, 2014

Home-cooked FTW!!!

It's such a joy that I've gotten over my 1st trimester!!! I don't know if you realised it, but there were the few months that I blogged very infrequently, and they were hardly about food because I felt like puking just by looking at those food photos! That explains why I was also not cooking a lot until we came back from Greece and decided to have more homecooked (on weekends only, still) after all the food we ate outside.

Because of the baby boy in me, my cooking are restricted to things I (or maybe the little boy) like to eat. For instance, button mushrooms being my favourite food is totally rejected by the boy I can't even smell that thing now! I also don't fancy too much of fish, very little of meat, but boy I love potatoes and rice now (cos Papa likes it too).

Anyway, here are just some cooking from our kitchen that cooked to feed mum-to-be-me and the Papa. :)

#1 One-Pot Ginger Chicken Rice 
Perfect for those who are lazy like a pregnant woman! Got the recipe from Kim. Completed the dinner with some boiled broccoli and water cress soup.

#2 One-Pot Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms & Chinese Sausage Rice
This is probably easier to make. Just marinate the chicken with soya sauce, dark soya sauce, sesame oil, white pepper and some Shao Xing wine and dump everything with the, sliced sausages and mushrooms in the rice cooker and ta da! Doesn't it remind you have those claypot chicken rice?
Also had it with a boiled broccoli and sweet corn soup. Must have balance meal with meat and vegetables mah! *wink~*

#3 One-Pot Pork Ribs, Shiitake Mushrooms & Chinese Sausage Rice
Same method as above, just replace chicken with some Pai Kuat, take out the dark soya sauce and add in some cut chili. Very yummy too! :)
Also had it with some stir-fry mixed sprouts and water cress soup.

#4 One-Pot Baby Porridge
Here I put marinated pork balls, potatoes and carrot. 
Same ingredients but with broccoli in it so no need to cook another vegetable dish! Lazy to the max! :p
Here's chicken porridge and carrot. One of my favourite Mamo's recipe. 
Slightly different because I used 10 grain rice to cook and added Bovril to it to make it even more like a baby porridge. LOL.
I love porridge and I'm very glad baby boy is loving it too! Now you take that Papa (not Papo, I'm starting to call Deardo 'papa' now)!

# 5 Vermicelli in Pepper Soup
Wow, that must be a day I was in a damn good cooking mood. I boiled the soup with pork ribs and smashed white pepper, then added the rest of the ingredients separately! See, there were vege, homemade pork balls, fried sliced pork, prawns, Fuchok and even fried egg! Phew~! Served with MIL's homemade sambal.

#6 Lime Leaves Prawns Pasta
Incorporated my signature Lime Leave Prawns into this Aglio Olio and it tastes bloody fantastic, especially with the nice fragrant you get in the lime leaves! Served with an ABC Soup.

#7 All-in Macaroni 
Simply pan-fry the pre-boiled macaroni and broccoli with some chopped capsicum, zucchini and marinated minced pork, season with dash of salt and pepper, and my home-alone-lunch is done!

#8 Sesame Oil Stir-fry Pork with Black Fungus & 'Drumstick Mushrooms'
Went random-cooking this dish with the pork and black fungus MIL gave me and it turned out pretty delicious! And yes, I do realise this look and sound like confinement month's food already! LOL!

#9 Oven-roast Chicken Drumsticks Served with Pan-fry Brussels Sprouts and HK Choy Sum
Experimented with my marinate again, this time with some HP Sauce, Worcester Sauce, oyster sauce, Shao Xing wine, Sesame Oil and black pepper and boy it was sooooo good! I think this will be good for BBQ sessions!

#10 No Rice Chinese Dinner
Cooked three dishes and a soup - Stir-fry spinach and iceberg lettuce (lazy to cook separately so yea), shrimp omelet, stir-fry sesame pork (this time with wolf-berries and oyster mushrooms) and ABC Soup for a sumptuous, nutritious and healthy dinner. No rice, only potatoes in the soup!

#11 Porridge and Soup Dinner
Well since Deardo also wants to eat a bit more healthier/lighter lately and requested for porridge for dinner the other night, I made this really nutritious and yummy porridge with minced pork, cubed carrots and potatoes, Shiitake mushrooms and some wolf berries to go with a boiled broccoli (yes we are broccoli freak but also because it is known as a super vegetable) and sharkfin melon soup which I added sweet corn, tomatoes, red dates and wolf berries to boil. We were so both damn full even though it was supposed to be 'light dinner'! :p

Although cooking during pregnancy can be tedious, but nothing can really beat the fact that home-cooked are always cleaner, more nutritious and healthy for both mummy and baby. We eat out every single weekday and that's really a shame. So I'm trying to make it a point that we eat at home on weekends, no matter how tired I am! :)

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