Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Awesome Anniversary Staycation!

It was our first wedding anniversary (and 5th year together) end of October and I suggested to Deardo to do something luxury since for all we know, next year onward it won't be so romantic anymore as we will have our son 'disturbing' our celebration. So, we better have fun first this year!

By luxury of course, it can mean a fancy fine-dining dinner that might cost us up to RM400 plus for two pax (trust me, I did my research). But Deardo isn't a big fan of fine-dining and the meals normally come with wine which I can't drink right now. So no point.

In the end I think I made a definite right choice by choosing to have a weekend staycation at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur. They were having promotion for their club rooms and the package sounded attractive - room with access to the club lounge which has free drinks, tea break, cocktails and breakfast. I knew I like the lounge experience because of my experience in Singapore last year.

Here are the some photos of the room as we first stepped into the room.
Even our room for our wedding last year doesn't have all these decorations and personal notes from the GM!!!
I roughly mentioned in the comment box that we are celebrating our anniversary without much thought that they would decorate the room so beautifully without charging us extra! It is not only so sweet of them, but also how professional these people are to proof they are truly 5-star!
Another thing I'm still very impressed with! No newspapers hanging on your door knob anymore!
The room itself was awesome too! Spacious bedroom, make-up area, living room, and even bathroom! When I first went into the room I told Deardo I'm not going anywhere, I just want to be in here! :p

Of course we stayed in the hotel most of the days, by the time we check-in, it was almost time for tea break at the Club Lounge, located somewhere 30 something floor (can't remember by now) which has a city view, including the Petronas Twin Towers. Wohoo~! Refreshment were limited (didn't take photos of the spread because I was laughing at people who were doing that LOL) but very well-presented and comes with very good service with their staff serving you your tea and coffee!
Enjoying our snacks with some cool view!

And then Deardo went to gym while I took some rest in the room before another round of noming at the Club Lounge for their cocktail session. To our surprise, the spread for cocktail was so complete it felt like we didn't need dinner anymore! From keropok, fried popiah, fruits, sandwiches till Dim Sum and Roti Jala, you named it! And you can have cocktail, mocktail, beer and wine to go with them too! 
He had his wine while the mummy had to stick with mocktail.
Honestly, we were damn full after that we really struggled at dinner which we have pre-booked earlier (dinner review later)!

Next morning, instead of cramping ourselves with the rest at their normal cafe downstairs for the breakfast buffet, we were back at the Club Lounge for our breakfast. Ha, boy that feels exclusive! :p
Only some of the food we enjoyed that morning. 
You got people coming to take your egg and pancakes orders, instead of queuing up at the cake counter then smelling like eggs after that and you have them taking your tea and coffee order instead of queuing up (again) to get yours at the buffet spread! I also love the variety of food and drinks offered - Dim Sum, Sushi rolls, Roti Canai, freshly blended 'kaw' fruit juices... 

Of course the food and room weren't the only highlights, we were also extremely impressed with the service and hospitality we got during our stay in the hotel. All their staff greet you whenever they see you, whether in the elevator or just at the corridor outside our room. Even a technician who was fixing either some lights or air-con outside our room greeted us! In the afternoon we even had the cleaner knocked on the door just to ask if we needed anything extra in our room! We felt very much welcomed and at the same time felt that the money we have paid for the weekend stay were really worth while! 
It was a wonderful stay and I would recommend you to stay with them if you have a little extra budget but for foreigners I think the price isn't even expensive for some of you! Yup, that's what I heard, a 5-star hotel in Malaysia like Traders Hotel is still charging lower than 5-star hotels in places like the U.S!

Anyway, here are some of my #ootd photos I took before heading to our anniversary dinner...
The black dress's from Dressabelle, which I was so happy to be able to fit into even when I was already into my 3rd month! Envelope clutch from BCBGMAXARIA and mid-heel sandals from Zara.
So yea, probably the last time I could wear such fancy nice clothes and put make-up for a night out until very much later... So excuse me for the number of vain photos... :p

I've been watching our wedding videos since it was our anniversary and I still couldn't stop laughing/smiling looking at them! It was a fun-filled wedding, just like what we've planned for. Of course there were some flaws here and there, but most parts of it, we just couldn't ask for anything better than that. If your haven't seen, here are they:

The short version:

The long version, which has our speech in it:


LayJinG said...

还是很辣!I am sure u gonna be hot sexy mummy! hehe~ anyway, congrats!

ShiRLeXia said...

Layjing that was a month ago! I'm still very worry about how I look and how am I going to look... :S

Hayley said...

It's nice to have anniversary celebration like this ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Yup Hayley! We really enjoyed it and were lucky enough they let us have a late check-out when we requested! We just didn't want to leave! :p