Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Banana Leaf Rice You Must Try @ Appu Uncle Curry House, Seksyen 19, PJ

I very rarely have banana leaf rice but with people like Lea (whom I suspect she is half Indian) around, we always get to try out nice Indian food. She has previously brought us to Kanna Curry House but this particular weekend when we had an ex-colleagues gathering, she introduced us to Appu Uncle Curry House and it kinda makes me don't ever wanna go back to Kanna. Seriously!
Had to steal this from their FB since I forgot to snap pic of the exterior of the restaurant. 
Located at Seksyen 19, near where you enter SS2, Appu Uncle Curry House looks extremely clean and tidy with some very good service from their staff. You can see from their restaurant. the owner has done some parts in marketing and branding too with some funky stuff so you feel like this is not the typical curry house that you think you know.
Really cool and funky postcards they have. 
I had a look at the spread of dishes and I was already impressed. They all look so yummey!!!
Seafood bakar/goreng made-to-order.
Mutton, chicken and fish! Make your choice!
So anyway, we all had a banana leaf rice each with three refillable vegetables dishes which one of them being my favourite Aloo Gobi so I went yay and I'm refilling for sure! :p Also free-flow were some really fresh and crispy Papadum! Thumb-up!
My banana leaf rice, happily served on REAL BANANA LEAF!!!
Yummy Papadum! 
We ordered some other dishes to share. My favourite is their Sotong Goreng which was super fresh, flavourful and simply too delicious to resist. Love every bit of the dish!  
Oh you better don't miss this Sotong Goreng! 
I also love the fried bitter gourd a lot because of it's freshness and crispiness, unlike those you find in Mamak stalls that are forever so soggy. The fried chicken (which wasn't very oily too) is a must-try too - pipping hot, crunchy and such an enjoyment to bite on. I also tried the dried curry chicken but that's really nothing to shout about. Perhaps next time I should try the curry mutton instead.
Just look at them and you already know they are good!
Fried Chicken!
Dried Curry Chicken.
Tables around us mostly ordered their famous Curry Fish Head which looks pretty awesome but I guess non of us are fan of fish head so we had to skip that.
Here are Maddy and Lea...
I think June will kill me if she sees this picture of her noming... :p
And the very happy Mummy Shirlexia. :D
And honestly, it was quite affordable too! I didn't take down prices of each item, but banana leaf rice and drinks for 6 persons, 2 fried chicken, 2 fried bitter gourd, 1 curry chicken and a Sotong Goreng, we paid RM81, which is RM13.50 per person, which was a very good price I must say! :)
It was definitely a lovely meal with some awesomely delicious dishes (plus real banana leaf by the way, BIG PLUS POINT) at a very clean environment and great hospitality! I really must go back soon to try their other dishes too! Wanna join?

Appu Uncle Curry House
14, Jalan 19/3,
Seksyen 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7955 2525

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