Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in a Nutshell and What to Expect in 2015

Majority of blogs I frequent have done their parts in their own reviews of their year 2014. I'm honestly a little lazy but I know how to make this quick.

This was my New Year resolution post for 2014 and now, let's see how many of those have I achieved...

1) Take the new career's challenge and own it
Well, not quite yet. Let's just say the company turns out to be not as what I've expected it to be where the nature of it has been and is still pretty slow-moving so unfortunately I haven't have that sense of achievement that I've make much difference both to the company, and to my career. 
Here's to a better 2015 where things can move faster!!!! I can't wait!!! 

2) Make driving a breeze
Sorry guys, I haven't been driving at all since my new office is pretty far away from home. I am useless, I know... :( Plus, since finding out I'm pregnant we've totally shut the driving idea off all together until I pop and I shall see if I can start again. NO, I MEAN, I MUST START! Otherwise who will send my kid to school in the future???

3) Fit into that freakin' Cheongsam
Forget about it. I'm pregnant! 

4) Make our dream honeymoon a reality
Oh yeah! At least this one is done and it was truly an unforgettable one! And with so many aviation accidents that happened in 2014, I must say we are very thankful that we returned from Santorini safely even though we had to take 6 different flights all together during the entire trip. Thank God for that!!! 
Enjoying the breeze and sun in Santorini! 

Of course, somewhere in August 2014, we found out I'm pregnant, something that we have not expected to come so soon. But since then our lives have changed, quite crazily. Almost everything we do, we eat and we spend we have to think twice because we know our priority now should be our little boy who will be joining our family somewhere end April-early May. 
A 3D scan reveals how our little boy may looks like when he officially join our family next year. :)

So if you ask me what are my 2015 new year resolutions? I will tell you whole loads of stuff that are related to our baby. But most importantly, I pray really hard for a smooth and safe labour and that our baby boy will be a normal, healthy, smart, charming and happy boy! :) 

Happy New Year ya'll from Deardo and I! We were waiting for our table for our New Year Eve dinner... :p

As to you who are reading, I pray for you to be healthy and may your dreams come true too in 2015! :) 

HERE'S TO A BETTER YEAR AHEAD!!! *pop champagne bottles~*


Yannie said...

I have got myself a cheongsam from Malacca Jonker Street. It is a batik traditional cheongsam. I will wear it this CNY.

You will be able to fit into cheongsam after your delivery.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks for the encouragement Yan!

I already couldn't fit into that Cheongsam before I got preggers so I'm really not sure now... :(