Thursday, January 1, 2015

Brand New Year, Brand New Look!

For our house, at least! :)

Oh before that, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! :D

The last time you saw me talking about renovating and buying new furniture for our house was about a year plus ago, since then we have slowly changed a few small things but only last weekend we had quite a major makeover for the house, before we could start buying our baby boy's cot and probably a drawer and other stuff before his majesty's grand arrival.

Let's update the list that we have made earlier:

1) Sofa set
2) Built-in wardrobe
3) Shoe cabinet

1) Master bedroom's bed+mattress
2) Master bedroom's make-up table
3) TV
4) TV table (cabinet)
5) Dining table set
6) Refrigerator
7) Kitchen work table
8) Curtain(s)
9) Chair(s) for entrance (so that we can sit and wear shoes)
10) Aluminum gate for front entrance grill door (while this is really not urgent, I hope to get this done soon too, if it's not too much to pay)
11) Steel window gate (may ignore this forever)
12) Lights
13) Glass display cabinet (not getting this anymore since we need space for baby's stuff now)
14) Coffee table 
15) Sliding door for kitchen entrance (decided not to have)
16) Sliding door for back toilet
17) Cupboard for keeping of documents, books and etc

Phew~ So glad now we only have one more item left! *punch into the air~*

Deardo and FIL were my heroes over the weekend spending hours fixing what needed in the house.

We finally took down the old, stupid-looking curtain left by the previous owner into something we really like.
No more sore eyes every time we sit on our couch! 
Chinese-style yellowish curtain... 
Now... Lovely lovely splash of colours! 
The classic lace curtain that I've been dying to have in my house!!! Yay! 
We got some quotations from Taiping at those shops that tailor make curtain, but ended up still buying them all from Ikea simply because they are way cheaper (about RM1k difference okay), prettier and most importantly they have the pretty classic lace curtain which I couldn't find anywhere in Taiping!

Ahhhh,,, Now at least it feels more like a country home-style living room! :)

We also finally changed the ugly make-up table in our room. Here's a reminder of how ugly that piece of shit that was in our room for more than two years...
Gosh, so lou tou I don't get it.
And now, drum roll please~!!!
Oh hai! From my new make-up area!
White colour big-ass mirror and a simple white shelf top to replace the old school make-up table. It makes the whole area looks so much more nicer, brighter and neater! 

We also changed the room's curtain into an anti-glare one so now our room feels like those hotel rooms every morning, no direct sunlight at all; which makes it all the more harder to wake up though. LOL.

Also changed some lights in our house. Here's a before photo of our light in our room...
Together with the old wardrobes too... LOL.
Is it Japanese style? Or Balinese? I'm not even sure. The only thing I'm sure of is that it doesn't match our theme of the house at all and it's really dark I can't do make-up or take proper selfie in the room.
New lights!!! So bright yo!!!
Well, the new lights aren't very special-looking lar, but at least it doesn't go too far off the theme of our house and most importantly, they are much brighter! So next time can do make-up, selfie and check out our baby boy properly, even his poo poo's colour! :p

Our old lights at the dining area looked like this...
Oh yes, together with the old dining table set which I hated the most! Urgggh...
Again, I still doubt the previous owner has any taste in anything! *face plam~*
Sorry, I was lazy to clear all the junk before taking this photo. :p
We changed it to a more modern-looking, very-the-dining area type of lights. I don't know about you but I think they look awesome I couldn't help but asked to have a proper dinner last Sunday right at the table (most of the time now we just sit on the couch for our dinner).

Lights are from a shop in Puchong, although most of other stuff you see in the above picture are from Ikea.

We still love buying Ikea stuff a lot and don't see any major problem with the furniture yet so far. Planning to buy baby's stuff from them also soon! Can't wait! :)


Yannie said...

Shirlexia, Happy New Year to you and your loved one.
I like to buy stuffs from Ikea too. Nice lace curtain that you have bought there.

ShiRLeXia said...

Happy New Year Yan! :)

Yup, Ikea always have the type of stuff and design I like!

Hayley said...

Good to have our own house, I am waiting for mine, which I don't know how long to go, LOL!

Happy new year ya!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Hayley!

Yea well I guess us living in KL there is no way we are not getting our own house... In Taiping it might be a different story all together!

Happy New Year to you and your family too!:)