Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leftovers are BLOODY useful!

Well, not exactly 'leftovers', since they are uncooked stuff...
Remember the Brickfields-inspired Chickpeas and the Tom Yam Fried Bihun I made earlier? Well there were some curry leaves and lime leaves left after the two dishes were done and I had them sitting in the fridge for one week until I decided to make some random dishes out of them.

Stir-fried Okra with Minced Pork and Sha Cha SauceYup Deardo and I really love Sha Cha Sauce. Remember I last bought a bottle of it from Taiwan? You can actually easily get them from any supermarket. It is a little bit like a Taiwanese version of Sambal Udang, nice scent and adds great taste to your dish!
For this dish, I simply simmer some garlic, red onion and then the Sha Cha Sauce with the pork and then the Okra to make a very simple but BLOODY YUMMY dish! Deardo and I just love the Sha Cha Sauce and the curry leaves which basically perfected the dish! :D

Stir-Fried Prawns with Lime LeavesThis is even simpler!
I actually got the idea when I was at Step 3 of the Tom Yam Fried Bihun recipe. By the time I fried the chicken with the garlic, onion and lime leaves, the whole thing was already smelling very good. So, I used the same method, only this time I used prawns and just added some salt to taste. Provided if your prawns are fresh, this dish is actually FREAKING DELICIOUS! You get the juiciness and original taste of the prawns, with the very nice scent from the lime leaves. Absolutely tempting!

I am loving curry leaves and lime leaves! :)

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