Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shirlexia's Sesame Oil Chicken and the 'Lou Sang' dinner

I tried to avoid posting another food post, but couldn't help lar... :p

I made dinner for my dear again as it's weekend again! This time around it's the Sesame Oil Chicken. The dish is well known as a good nutrition source for women after delivery. It is just a very simple yet nutritious dish. It was my first try, and I went online to search for the recipe where I took some from each of them and kinda made it without the proper way... :p

Here are the ingredients:
Two big pieces of chicken thigh(I removed the skin and oil), sliced old ginger, Gei Zi, mushrooms and of course black sesame oil and Chinese cooking oil.

The Method:
1. Heat up some sesame oil. Well, it can't be too little like how you stir-fry vege lar, it has to be a little bit more than that.
2. Simmer the ginger.3. Put in the chicken and fry them a bit. Don't need to make them fully cooked, but make sure all part of the chicken has some sesame oil! 4. As the chicken is about 60% cooked, transfer them over to a cooking pot. Turn on the fire and add in a generous portion of Chinese cooking wine. Add in some water too. At this point, I basically just keep on tasting and see if I need to add more sesame oil, wine or water. 5. Add in the Gei Zi and mushrooms.
6. Cover with the lit of the pot and let it boil for about 20 minutes or until the chicken are cooked. And that's it!Ta da~ Never expected it to be so simple, but it was VERY SIMPLE!
I think the dish is so easy to make! Simple method and ingredients too! The Gei Zi and mushroom were extra stuff I put in, otherwise it would be even easier! And for my dear and I, who are both fan of sesame oil and wine, this dish is just so satisfying yet healthy! You can treat it as a soup to go with your rice, I can assure you, it's HYPER YUMMY!!!My dear looks so damn happy to be home and have the lovely dinner I made! Yea, we always have to eat on the sofa with the food on a plastic chair. With a bicycle at the back... LOL!

We actually had this 'Lou Sang' dinner last night. But for the sake of showing off my successful cooking, I gotta put that up first! :p
Like I said, I kinda hang-out quite a lot with my dear's bunch of friends nowadays. Just like how he hangs-out with my sister and my relatives. This time around, it was me who suggested that he and his cell group members should have a 'Lou Sang' dinner before everyone goes home for CNY. Me and my dear in matching costumes!
That's Yapp(I think he looks like Choc 7's Louis) and Shan Shan.
Very cute Pearly and Ket Hon... Who seems to have very big nose... Holes... I mean, according to this picture...
So off we went to Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant, located at Subang SS15. The owner's wife is my ex-colleague and of course this was my er... fourth visit. I kinda like their food there. I remember last year we had our company's CNY dinner 'Lou Sang' here too!
What we had...The Yu Sang... Actually I still miss the Sushi King's one. I hope I can have that when I'm back in Taiping! Yay~!
Wah... Lou ah lou ah... See how excited Pearly was! Haha.
Their Curry Fish, which is well known for without coconut milk=healthier!
The Gei Zi Dong Guai Chicken. We were making fun of the guys having this dish because it's well known that this is very good to women... :p
Our very small portion of sweet potato leaves.
The Deep Fried Sotong.
Ooopsss... Just found out I didn't take picture of the Kam Heong La La! Probably because I was mad at my dear for something stupid and I just had no mood to take picture... :p
The curry fish last night was a bit disappointing lar. The fish weren't fresh. :( The Gei Zi Dong Guai Chicken was everyone's favourite. The sotong like I always think, tasted a bit too sweet. And they were really busy they ran out of the vege we ordered so we had to order another kinda vege to go with the sweet potato leaves we had.
Plus the Yu Sang, rice and tea, it cost us around RM173. I think it was a bit pricy cos don't know how they charged us twice the price for the curry fish when I asked for just some extra of other kinda fish because ya know the Pow Yu we ordered wasn't enough to make a big portion one. Anywayz, a bit out of their normal quality lar. A group photo~! Finally~!

You might have notice in these pictures above and from my other posts, I'm currently hooked to headbands. I think they make me look for girlish since I already cut my hair short. Not to say I purposely wanna be so girlish lar, but now someone would complain if I act or wear too boyish mah... Blek~!
I'm especially very much in love with those feathered ones. This one that I wore for the dinner... One of the feathers came out and I couldn't stick it back even with super glue. So yea in the end I found my solution...Cannot see very clearly what's the solution, right? Kekekeke...


LayJinG said...

ur lou sang dinner also not bad! hehe... my reunion dinner abit 富贵 la!
ya, u look girlie now... hehe...

ShiRLeXia said...

We had a more simlple one la!
Haha, i know! Everone says I look so much more girlish now!