Sunday, March 1, 2015

Delicious Waffles @ Madame Waffle, Mid Valley Megamall

While I'm not a big fan of sweet stuff, I'm actually a waffle lover, especially Belgian waffles. The smaller size and the crispier texture make them very different compared to the soggy waffles. I'm very glad that recently there seems to be a Belgian waffle trend going on in the city, we have tried the one in KLCC but it was way too pricey and not-very-fantastic.
Then we stumbled upon Madame Waffle at Mid Valley on one of our weekend mall-wandering and decided to give this Japanese-based waffle cafe a virgin try.
The outlet is quite small, but clean and neat design makes it pretty comfortable to hang-out at. It's self-service so you'll need to place your order and pay at the counter and then pick your food up yourself once they are ready.
Cappuccino, RM9.50.
First up was Deardo's cup of Cappuccino which at first glance, we were already very impressed by it's unique presentation. Very rugged, out of the norm, yet pretty. They use coffee beans exclusively roasted for them by Espresso Sporting Club Coffee Roasters and taste wise it was quite good, very smooth and more to a sweeter side, rather than sour, which we like.
Matcha Waffle, RM6.50.
Banana Nutella, RM16.
Then came our waffles! Tried one of their signatures - Matcha waffle which tastes delicious but was a bit too dry to my liking. It would probably taste better if it comes a bit warmer. Then we had the Banana Nutella, which is a well-presented plate of waffle with Nutella, banana and fresh cream glazed with Belgian Chocolate sauce, served with a double chocolate gelato. It was UNFORGETTABLE!!! The waffle was nicely done, warm and with the appropriate amount (means not overloaded) of cream, Nutella and chocolate sauce, it was a joy to finish the waffle up! To top it up, the gelato was also not bad as it was thick and you could taste the chocolate in every scoop you take! yummerzzzzz...
Papa and mummy enjoying their afternoon tea!
Without any extra charges, the bill came up to RM32, which I suppose is still quite acceptable. I definitely love the waffle here and if permitted, I would certainly go back for more! :)

Madame Waffle
T045, Level 3, South Court,
Mezzanine Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: 03-2280 0100

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