Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maternity Photoshoot CHECKED


Most women want to document their pregnancy with a pretty maternity photoshoot, and I am no exception. I am however, a little particular about the photoshoot. For instance, I don't fancy showing off my naked baby bump (feeling a little insecure here... Keke...), and I don't really fancy too much of cute maternity shoot. Another issue here is, my Deardo doesn't see it necessary to do one, hence, he won't be in the photos too.

I'm clear though, that I wanted my maternity photos to have two styles - 1) Bright, cute ones and 2) darker, more like a fashion shoot ones.

I tried to contact a local bridal house which I really like their gowns but I thought I wanted to know if they have gowns that can fit preggers and that do they do maternity shoot. But after several failed attempts in getting a reply from them, I've decided that I shouldn't give company that has lousy customer service any business. I then asked Lea to help source for freelancers to do the shoot but the answer was I better look for a bridal house. So eventually I settled for Lea and Jason, two amateur photographers/friends to do it for me. If you remember, they both took some photos at my wedding in KL too!

Now, before this, you might have seen some of the sneak peek here and we took quite a lot of photos but here are just part of them. I'll update once I upload all of them onto my FB later.

First up, the so-called bright and cute ones...
Most props you see are already what we have, only new thing  here are the booties I bought for the shoot.

As the photoshoot begun, I started to feel damn happy about my decision to not engage a professional photographer because they will normally ask you to do poses that are way too common. I think those are really no fun anymore lor...
Love the one with our baby photos! :D

I really like it that although Lea and Jason would adjust my positions and all, they also aren't that familiar with poses and I can sometimes play with whatever I like to do and that to me, is really important in reflecting my personalities in the photos. Best of all, because we are friends, I'm not even shy to do funny poses in front of them! *Wink~*
Our baby boy will sure love cars, just like his papa! And I love the booties I bought, so fashionable!!! 

We started the shoot pretty early in the morning because we wanted the natural sunlight, yet it wasn't too hot since it was all done in our house! :)

Top: PDI
Skirt: Old tube dress from Forever 21
Hair Piece: Handmade by Lea's niece

And here are the so-called fashion shoot ones...
Thanks to Lea who have done some editing on these photos on her phone! 

We moved to Empire Damansara, hoping to get some nice European elements in the shoot where I wore a black gown that makes me look either elegant or high-fashion. Hahaha... Tell me did we achieve that? LOL! Okay, no I don't really want to know... :p
Jason loves to play with silhouettes shots...
There as expected, we were chased away by their security guard telling us we can only shoot with phones, not any cameras. So most of the photos taken there were all taken with phones so yeah...
We were lucky there was this area with toys hanging from the top! So ngam with our shoot yo!
Ironman was totally BYO from home though. :p
Pretty awesome too, this one!!! :)
Gown: Old gown from a shop in Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Heels: Wedding heels from Nose
Hair Piece: Diva (also part of our wedding)

It was a bit 'potong steam'. but what can we do? Honestly speaking, I wasn't and still not really happy with that kinda treatment that we got from the management. I mean, I can understand if I need a permit to shoot or even pay to shoot at your location if this is for commercial purposes or if I'm taking bridal photos with a bridal house. But we are obviously just friends who are taking photos around that area! I've read about people complaining online too that they were just hanging out and taking casual photos but was warned to not do so with cameras.

My point is, that place is already almost a failure - not much crowd, expensive car park rate, stupid planning because when it rains you can't walk to any shops you want just like that cos it's an open concept and still a lot of empty shops vacant... Yet the management decided to chase their customers away by having those foreign security guard telling people to fuck off in an impolite way, I think they are heading to a suicide here. I mean I love Empire in Subang but this place, despite having pretty design, really sucks. While we manage to stay composed throughout the shoot, we decided not to stay back for lunch after that cos we are done giving anymore business to them!

We actually had worse experience at the DPAC next door with someone telling us we can't even take pictures with phone! Gahhhh... Why so sombong???

Anyway, Deardo did join for a few snaps before we headed out to Empire...
Loving this picture sooooooo much!!! 
And he chose to pose like that ah, we didn't ask for it! 
Because Lea and Jason aren't really good in editing photos, I've passed these photos to Ducum to do the editing but she will probably take another year to finish editing... Grrrhhhh... So anyway, what you see here are all either unedited, or was done with filters on Lea's phone. I still think these photos look pretty presentable without any touch-up! :)

I gave Lea and Jason a lunch treat after that and that's all I paid them. Honestly speaking, while they aren't very confident with their own work, for non-professionals like them, both Deardo and I are very impressed with the quality of photos and I can't thank that enough for their hard work. Jason was running an event a night before and had to wake up earlier for the photoshoot. Both of them not only needed to take photos of me, but also had to take care of me, the clumsy pregnant woman, especially when we shoot outdoor, even helping me to change from my sandals to the high heels, and vice versa. I'm just very thankful to have them as friends who are willing to help and so caring towards a heavily pregnant friend. :)

I did however, paid for the make-up. I hired a fellow Hua Lianian, Piper Chuah for the make-up and I'm pretty happy with her work too! 

Let me know if you are interested to engage any of the people above for any of your shoot, I'll be happy to share their contacts with you. But make sure you pay them lar! :p


Hayley said...

Very nice photos, very memorable, next time can show your prince, hehe.

I recognise that make up artist ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Hayley! Yeah next time I also want my son to read how a feel about him in my blog too! :)