Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oh Yes, We Need More Nice Movies

For some odd reasons, I'm not very excited about majority of the Oscar movies this year. The Theory of Everything sounds damn sad and slow, The Imitation Game sounds damn smart but would a pregnant woman's brain smart enough to watch it? Birdman is a comedy? The trailer makes it looks more like another sad story about a middle-aged actor wor...

So anyway, I did watch some movies recently, most of them lousy ones, but these are the two that I would recommend...

St. Vincent
Director: Theodore Melfi
Cast: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Jaeden Lieberher
Synopsis: Vincent is a Vietnam War veteran and retiree living alone. His new neighbours Maggie seems to see him as an asshole, who drinks, gamble and only give bad influences to her son Oliver until Oliver found out more about him...
The Thumb-Up(s): The story, despite being super simple, ended with a twist, a twist that is so touching it will make you cry like a baby. I also love the chemistry Bill Murray (Vincent) has with Jaeden Lieberher (Oliver) in the movie like it's too good to think they are just acting!
Best of all, this is probably the first time I see Melissa McCarthy carries such a serious role while Naomi Watts also totally lost it playing a Russian prostitute! So fun to watch these actresses trying out different roles! :)
The Thumb-Down(s): I don't really remember any...
The Verdict: A heartwarming movie not to be missed.

Kingsman: The Secret Service 
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Cast: Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, Mark Strong
Synopsis: Based on a comic book, The Secret Service, the movie is about Kingsman, a group of secret spies who save the world without the world knowing who they are.
The Thumb-Up(s): Without watching the movie, please already be impressed by the awesome cast!!! Look, there are Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine! They themselves are enough to make the movie cool!
Since it's a secret service kinda movie, it's easy to link it to James Bond, only this one not with a good-looking middle-aged man, but a group of people. Kingsman shouts a lot of surprises in terms of the training scenes, their super cool gadgets and weapons and the occasional humour and these are enough to ask Mr. James Bond to move aside yo!
The Thumb-Down(s): Maybe it doesn't need to be so violent?
The Verdict: A very entertaining movie and definitely worth watching!

I also watched...
Big Hero 6 Storyline is quite heart-warming, but it's just really really a kid movie. 3/5

Horrible Bosses 2 which was horrible, boring and fairly disappointing compared to the first one that I really enjoyed. 1/5

Step Up All In which was cheesy, too cheesy and super cheesy. We only want to watch you dance, lousy storyline is expected, but cheesy script? Oh please, you can totally drop that. 1.5/5

This is Where I Leave You which was decent and quite entertaining but I feel it could have been better with better in terms of presentation of the story! 3/5


Hayley said...

The last movie I watched is, erm Dragon Blade? Don't think I'll want to go to the cinema again until after I deliver, cause my baby was kicking like mad when I watching the movie, LOL!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha I enjoy baby kicking me so I'm really fine watching anything and he kicking me inside! :p