Thursday, March 12, 2015

Springy Wanton Mee @ Keong Kee Recipe, Seremban

During one of the recent long weekend holidays, we didn't go to anywhere fancy because of bad planning and probably because choices were limited since I'm pregnant, until the very last day, we decided to go to Seremban again for a makan trip, then to Port Dickson. We kinda like doing that nowadays since Seremban and PD are damn near. Read our previous visits here.
Had to steal this from Tripadvisor cos we forgot to take picture of the restaurant.
This time though, we gave Keong Kee Recipe a try. In fact, we were there during our last trip but by the time we found the restaurant they were already closed. The fact is, the restaurant, although located at a corner, is often missed if you drive past too quickly since there are always cars blocking the place.
We were really glad to have finally found the place and we can't wait to try out what they can offer! *rub hands~*
Chicken Feet in Herbal Soup, RM4.80/pair.
First up was their famous side dish - Chicken Feet in Herbal Soup. The Chicken Feet were normal but the uniqueness of the dish lays in its herbal soup which tasted really awesome and flavourful. Definitely a must try!
Delicious Wanton Mee, RM4 (medium). 
And then came the main dish - the Wanton Mee! Well if you know me well, I never liked Wanton Mee in KL cos the one we have back in Taiping are different and the Wanton Mee at Keong Kee definitely look and tastes much similar to what we get back home. Springy, fresh and I'm assuming also handmade, it isn't those typical egg noodles you get in KL! Very delicious, especially when the gravy was not too dry and it has a nice fragrant with pork lard in it! Just too bad the Wanton and Char Siew were really disappointing. Having said that, I would definitely go back just for the noodles and the Chicken Feet! 
Yay! Found something that reminds us of home yet it's not too far away from home! :p
The Noodles are priced at RM4 for a medium, and RM4.50 for a large portion, not too bad a price too! They are apprently quite famous for their Curry Wonton Mee too! Must make this another must go place the next trip to Seremban yo! 

Keong Kee Recipe
71, Jalan Seng Meng Lee,
70200 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan


Hayley said...

The wantan mee looks almost like the one here.. But the chicken feet is so much bigger!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea! Hahaha the chicken feet in not sure, maybe it's just because they pre-fried so they look bigger?