Thursday, November 29, 2007


After two weeks skipping gym because of the dramatic hospital stay, I finally went back to gym last night. Well, I would say I'm feeling ok to start excersice again but I have to admit my hands are still feeling the pain of the needles, especially on my right hand which the doctor had took blood from the last three days I was there.
Anywayz, the first session after two weeks really kills me. Obviously I have to pick-up my fitness level again. I was already very tired after the second track in my spinning class! But you have to give me credits for finishing the whole class and continued with the yoga class after that!
Damn now I can feel the sore all over my body!!!
But after all, it's fun to feel the sore again! That's what you call 'SYOK'! I want to keep on the good work! I have to cut down weight!!!

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