Monday, August 25, 2008

Movie reviews after such a while...

It's so fucking annoying that I'm watching so little movies lately, since I started my new job. And I'm seriously missing GSC's international screen's movies! :(
Anywayz, here are the two latest (which is so not 'latest' lor) movies I've watched.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
I've heard of all the bad reviews before going for this one. Oh well, I was going because of Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li, not really for the movie. Bare in mind that, I DID NOT watch the first and second Mummy(or Mummies if you like).
I understand the not-so-logic part like the very funny picture of Michelle Yeoh and Russell Wong appearing in the blue sky in the end, and the thing about her reading the curses in Chinese and English thingy. But honestly, to me, it's basically a movie made for the kids. So what's wrong with all these? Watch it like you are a kid, then maybe you will enjoy it. But having said that, I would still say... Yea, read the curse in either one of the languages lar, don't make it look so weird! I also agree with the fact that Brandon Fraser and Luke Ford bloody look more like brothers than father and son!
The movie was quite a let down in terms of story, but action wise, I think it was not as bad lor. My favourite would definitely be the scene where Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li fight! It was SO DAMN COOL watching them fight, okay! Ohyea, one big surprise was seeing Anthony Ng in the movie!

Ducum got really excited about this movie way before it came to Malaysia, just because of her Jim Sturgess. And yes, she was still mumbling 'leng chai' non-stop when we were watching it together! Okay, I got interested too since it was based on a real story. But erm... I think I was quite disappointed. One, I don't really understand how you can count cards to win 21? I'm sorry, my math sucks and my card playing skills is like 2 out of 10 if you want me to rate it. I guess it is no fun when you don't understand how these people win so much of money by 'counting cards', thus making you don't understand huge part of the story. And I think the pace of the entire movie is a bit too slow and draggy. It's like after some fast money-winning scenes at the casino, it then became very laid back with people talking to people on the street, in the college... I wish the pace was faster! Now this one, you may consider taking in Ocean's Eleven, Twleve and Thirteen as good examples.
Well, I admit that Jim Sturgess is quite cute, but the one that catches my eyes most was definitely Kevin Spacey! HE IS HOT!!! He is definitely one of the 'sexy old man' like what Revethi has named it.

Okay, next up would be Wall-E, hopefully this Wednesday!
And I seriously can't wait any longer for Madagascar 2!!!

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