Friday, August 29, 2008

Daniel Tang is back, with his latest piece of work!

Honestly, I soooo don't want to write something about DANIEL TANG CHENG KET right after such a wonderful post I did about my dear Xiao Ma and BBT. But well, I really can't help it!
So to my readers who had been really interested and are missing DANIEL TANG CHENG KET very much, I hope you'll be thrilled by this post.HOT ITEM!
It's seems like he has a new plan!
We were just forced to pay him RM500 as rental starting this month. And he is changing it again!
The 'new policy' is, it is now back to RM420, without electricity...
Erm... Excuse me for a while, but I have to...
Oh well, obviously now, people has not got enough money to pay for the electricity lor, so he is changing the rules again lor!
So, how if I'm not happy and I want to move? It says, it the letter, you have to inform him before or on 03/09/2008!!!
Bloody hell, it is bloody 29th today! WTF?
Okay, I have no choice, it is impossible for me to find a place before September 3rd. So fuck you Daniel, you win this.
And then... My housemate, Cynco who was supposed to move out end of this month, showed me her piece of letter, which is a totally different one... And I got REALLY PISSED OFF!!!
I don't have the letter with me now, so I can only read from the picture I took...It was basically about deducting her deposit(since she is moving out) from various areas.
1) Will be deducting 25 bucks per night whenever you bring someone else to stay in the room. (Well,I understand that. The problem is, How is he going to know if someone else is in the room? Okay, let say you know. Then how do you know how many night that person stayed in the house? My god, are you telling me you have secretly put a CCTV in the rooms? Where? Where? Where?)
2) Basically asking Cynco to move out on or before 29th this month, or any shifting fees will be charged. (Look Daniel, she'd paid 500 bucks for this month, she has all the fucking right to stay till the 31st no matter what! If you want to calculate so much, you should let Cynco deduct her rental too because the internet has been down for a fucking 2 weeks now!!!)
3) &4) ones also deals with money. If you stick posters on the wall and dirty the wall, money will be deduct from the deposit. He is also DEFINITELY going to charge her RM 650/3 because of the electricity...(These two just shown how he had became a calculative and 'smart' businessman. I need to tell you, when he was around in the house, and was quite nice to us, he knows Ducum has lots of posters on the wall, but he had never said a thing!!! Now he will be charging for the wall damage! WTF? And to be honest, we had never signed any contract stating that we have to pay extra for the electricity before this! Neither did we sign any contract that says we cannot stay till the last day of the month, neither did we sign anything saying blah blah blah...)
Plus, Cynco had a conversation with another housemate who is also moving out. That girl basically argue over the whole deposit thingy. And this Daniel actually kinda threated her saying:"I will tell your mom that you brought a guy home and slept with him!"
Now, doesn't that sounds like some bloody childish line? It's like in school where some kids would tell the teacher:"techer, teacher, she slept with a guy in the room!" Teacher, teacher! Daniel Tang said he wants to sleep with me! But I'm not gay! How ar?
Talking about the internet connection... Remember he promised a second router upstairs after the increment of the rental?
Following is the SMS he sent me earlier this month...Yup, 3rd of every month is the due date of our rental payment! Too much right?
The, I replied, saying I want the router to be here before I can pay him, cos that is what he had promised. So came this SMS...'Looking forward for you rental‘ somemore ler...
Another SMS to prove that he re-promised the router will be here!
So I trusted him and how stupid I was!!! Guys are definitely untrustable! Especially DANIEL TANG CHENG KET!
Not only the second router never arrived, the internet connection had also been down for the past two weeks and I'm now sitting in Starbucks typing this...
Oh man, how could I be soooooo stupid???
And the funniest thing is, he doesn't even dare to talk to us on the phone and meet us face-to-face nowadays! He just came quietly, left some notice on the noticeboard or at our room door. That's it! And that annoys me so so much!
Na na na na na... DANIEL IS A CHICKEN!
All I can say is, Daniel Tang Cheng Ket, I've been staying out alone, renting rooms for so many years. YOU'RE THE WORST EVER LANDLORD I'VE EVER MET!!! And seriously you've pissed me off so much that you will regret it one day! I AM FUCKING SERIOUS!
And as he is making his business bigger and bigger, he even has a stamp chop for himself! Oh~Wow~ I'm so amazed...
My ass!

Not very clear? Here you go...
Square Feet Student Hostel. 39, PJS 9/12, Taman Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (nop, that is not where I'm staying).
And his phone number is 017-5688037. His name is DANIEL TANG CHENG KET.
To people who are looking for place to stay around this area, make sure you DO NOT RENT with him! And to people who hates him as much as I do... Oh well... You know what to do with all the info I've gave you. Go ahead and do whatever you like, okay?
Cos I D.O.N.T B.L.O.O.D.Y C.A.R.E!!!

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