Sunday, December 20, 2009

My first visit to T.G.I Friday

I know that is just what you will say!
It's true... I think it's basically because my friends and I would never thought of having a nice chat and a meal at fancy restaurants like this before. And FYI, I've only been to Chili's once, and that was only during tea time. I've been to Tony Roma's once, but that was in Perth last year.
So my dear was also very surprised and he promised to bring me there one day. So last week, as a repay for something I've promised him to do, he brought me to T.G.I Friday for dinner. And since it's such a famous place that everyone goes, I don't consider this post as a food review lar, just a post to tell ya about my first experiece at T.G.I Friday.One of me and him at the restaurant...
To start, I would still emphasize the fact that I STILL HATE SCHOOL HOLIDAY! Everywhere you go, it's all packed! And in restaurants especially, you will hear babies and kids crying or making annoying noises! OMG~! Get me out of KL!!! :S
Anywayz, my dear ordered this 2 course meal thingy which is only RM29.90 and you get an appetizer and a main course. It's a very good deal indeed. So he went for the Boneless Wings as the appetizer and the main was Adobo Chicken. To me the Boneless Wings was okay, but the Adobo Chicken really impressed me. It tasted like a bit spicy yet sour, plus some mint sauce on top of it, it's just simply delicious~! The Boneless Wings...
Adobo Chicken, served with some deep-fried sweet potatoes with cheese sauce! Yum~!
I had the Grilled Lamb Chop with Mint Sauce and some bacon as well. I thought it was only so-so. Still prefer the chicken.My very unhealthy Grilled Lamb Chop.
Big hole in my dear's wallet after the dinner... :(
And as we were leaving the mall, we saw Grasshoppers!!! No, not the real green-coloured grasshopper! But the quite-old band Grasshoppers! 草蜢! They were there to promote their concert and we were lucky to catch a glimpse of them. But they look really old liao ler...Hey hey! And my favourite Grasshoppers is the long hair guy, 蔡一智~!
More food to come~! Stay tune~! :D


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I never been TGI too... haha~

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IF you really want to, come to KL I'll bring you there!

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