Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eat All You Can Spaghetti @ Louisiana

This one was recommended by Ducum Tan, my sister after going there with her colleagues.
Located at Kelana Square, Louisiana is just a very normal restaurant serving all kind of Western food. But during lunch time they have this Eat All You Can Pasta Spaghetti which is quite good and cheap. First time I went there with my dear, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I didn't believe it would be good with that kinda price. But I was totally wrong! We were both very impressed! So I took some pics and share them with you guys the second time we went for lunch there.Look for this restaurant when you're in Kelana Square.
There you go~ They are not the only one though, next door restaurant is already copying their idea!
The restaurant itself looks more like a Western kinda house, now with X'mas deco it feels even more homey! I love that, really. And if you sit outside, you'll be sitting by the riverside, pretty cool too! See, got shoe rack by the door side!
Love the homey feel in the restaurant!
Appetizer... Shirlexia acting cute~! *cough~*
Okay, the deal is RM14.80 for unlimited spaghetti which you can order by plate from 7 yummilicious flavours. Plus! Unlimited self-serviced green salad, soup of the day and hot English tea! Plus! A glass of ice lemon tea and ice-cream as dessert! Yeap, all that for only RM14.80!!! See, told ya it's a good deal! :pWell, of course the salad bar only has lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber and Thousand Island as dressing!
We had watercress soup the first time, and Milestrone soup the second time we went.
Ice lemon tea is included in the package!
So far, the only flavour we didn't try is the Beef Bolognaise, beacuse we thought that is just too common. The rest are pretty good you see. Our favourite is the Mexican Aglio Olive. It's a bit spicy and sour, really really nice although it comes without any meat. Yummy~! The Pasta Chicken Olive.
The Pesto White Fish. Love the gravy!
Highly recommeded by Shirlexia and the bf... Mexican Aglio Olive.
The Pasta Smoked Sausage. Not too bad too.
The Chicken Carbonara is Ducum's favourite. Well, I guess not a good choice for non-chessy person. But the grilled chicken is good!
The Vegetables Stir Fried is not too bad too!
My dear and I normally have 7 plates, which means 3 each, and then another one, which is always the last plate, to share. And that will make us pretty full! A scoop of ice-cream as dessert!
I strongly recommend this one if you are a really big spaghetti fan. Hey, the spaghetti are really reasonably good and the price you pay is just unbelievable. I see people eating their main dishes from their menu and they look not bad too!
You should make your way there one day!


H@naKo said...

haha..i think ur bloggie already a transform into a food blog..

ShiRLeXia said...

Wah, long time no see man!
Yea, one of my friends actually told me he comes to my blog when he is out of idea what to eat!

Lay JinG said...

haha... another nice place to visit... but too far for me =P

ShiRLeXia said...

It is indeed a nice place with a nice deal for food.
I soooo hope that you stay in KL!!!

Jelleine · 婕琳 said...

I misses that place sooo much!!
I love their smoked salmon spaghetti!
And also the red wine chicken over there!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Are you sure you are talking about the same thing???
Or you're talking about their main dishes?

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