Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh~That's what 'Muallaf' means...

First of all, let's be ashamed of the fact that we Malaysians only get to watch this local movie in the cinema a year after it was shown in Singapore. A big boo-boo to the Malaysian authorities that I don't even care to remember their name.
Yes, Muallaf is one of the final pieces of work of the late Yasmin Ahmad. Still a fan of her, I was eager to watch this movie, no matter what.
It's quite a beautiful, quiet and artsy movie. I was concentrating so much during the movie to make sure I didn't miss anything. I must say it's not perfect, and it really could be a bit boring or even offending to many since it's really a movie more on religion. And the meaning of the title of the movie itself were explained in the movie. I didn't like the fact that Yasmin made the two girls sound and look too nice and too intellegent. It's a bit too much.
Cast wise, Sharifah Amani and sister Aleysha did a great job. I especially love Aleysha's acting, she is so natural that you forgot that she is acting. The new boy Brian Yap wasn't too bad too. And I was a bit surprise to see Yeo Yann Yann too! And she did a great job too! Haha, especially the swearing part! :p
My honest thought is, it's a great movie to all Yasmin Ahmad's fan. To me, it's much better than Talentime but I still very much prefer Sepet. It's much simple. :)

P/S: Anyone knows what did Aleysha say at the mamak stall that was muted??? Someone gotta tell me!!! Stupid censorship board!!!


Ajami Hashim said...

ref: amirmu.blogspot.com

Contrary to popular belief,Muallaf was never banned. But this is a line that the censors requested to be muted: (pls click)

scene 1

scene 2

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Thanks there! Appreciate it! :)

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