Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too much of food in 2 days!

Last Thursday, my dear and I checked-into Maytower Hotel for a night as a short break. This is a special treat from I Rene, who had won the complimentary stay at the hotel through a lucky draw. So, a trillion thanks to I Rene! :)
Here are some of the stuff we ate during that 2 days.

Uncle Seng Restaurant @ SS15, Subang Jaya
This restaurant is no stranger to people staying in Subang area. It's a very famous restaurant selling homemade Wantan Noodles. Mind you, this place can be very busy during lunch time!
So that was lunch for us before checking into the hotel.Uncle Seng Restaurant, one of my favourite restaurant to go recently.
As usual, my dear ordered his Noodles with Wantan and Char Siew while I had mine with the braised chicken feet with mushroom.
I don't know about my dear's, I mean that is just such a common flavour. But mine is awesome! I love the chicken feet! It's just tasted so good! It's cooked till ngam-ngam where the skin is crispy and the smell is so good! Loving it man!Loving my noodles with the chicken feet and mushroom!
My dear's noodles with Wantan and Char Siew.
Some people actually pour a lot of this Sambal onto their noodles!
Upon request, my little bowl of curry gravy!
There are more variety of flavours for you to choose from, like curry chicken, minced pork, etc.
A regular plate of the noodles will only costs you RM 4.60! I think the large one is only RM5.30.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square, KL
I think Cap Square is such a hidden mall in KL. I mean, do you even know there is such mall called Cap Square??? Well, it was right across the street of Maytower, so we went over to search for a nice place for dinner. Although the mall is quite empty, but surprisingly we found a really good restaurant and had a really satisfying dinner there!Bayernhaus has a not-too-bad interior design and deco.
Shirlexia posing with the loads of German beer.
At first, I didn't think he is cute-looking. But now, I really really think my dear is cute-looking, hey~! :p
Bayernhaus is a German restaurant so expect lots of sausages, pork and German beer there! At first, we were a bit skeptical about the food because the waitress who served us looks like she is so confused with everything! And the menu was like printed in different sheets of A4 papers! And then they told us beforehand that the credit card machine is down and we had to make sure we have enough cash for our meal. We were like... Duh??? But a good thing is, this restaurant doesn't charge you any service or government tax! :)Too lazy to type the long long name. So this is what I had.
And my dear had the meal A.
Well anywayz, luckily we were really impressed by their food. The Bavarian Potato Soup with German Sausages and Pork Belly was the first thing to impress us. It's just simply very unique yet yummy~! Well I must say, I prefer my dear's pork meal than my salmon meal. It's either he always order the nicer food or healthy food are always not-so-yummy. The gravy was really really good! We especially love the side, the Butter Tossed Parsley Potatoes a lot~! Bavarian Potato Soup with Sausages and Pork Belly~! Mama Mia~! Super nice~!
My Salmon Steak was okay lar.
Dear's pork meal was fantastic!
Great food I must say! We really enjoyed them! I guess we must also try the German Roasted Pork Hand one day too because we saw almost every table has that! And the German beer too! I guess we were really lucky to have chosen the restaurant for dinner! :)

Breakfast Buffet @ Maytower, KL
FYI, I'm totally a breakfast person.
And FYI, I'm such a big fan of breakfast buffet.
And that is why I always love to stay in a hotel that offers free breakfast buffet. I mean, you will get Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian and all kinda different breakfast all at once! Plus, the omelette counter is always my favourite part!
That's why I was very excited about the breakfast buffet at Maytower this time around! La Maison Cafe at a glance. Actually quite a small cafe for a hotel.
I was really excited about the bacon!!!
But some people just not really used to waking up too early for breakfast. :p
Well, I must say, the variety of food wasn't too much. As in, there aren't like too much of food compared to those that I've tried before. I mean, normally there will be hash brown, nasi lemak, roti canai and stuff. But I must say their food aren't too bad lar. The fried rice was really good. And it seems like my dear loves their potato wedges a lot. Oh yea, the crossants!!! The corssants was really really good! Very crispy and fresh! Love them! My first round... But the bacon aren't really good.:(
My dear's first round... This is when we found out the crossant is really yummy~!
It's been a while I didn't have Coco Crunch!
Green salad and some fruits are a must!
Too bad they don't have mushroom at their omelette counter!
Took more crossants because they were simply too good!
True to my Teochew root, I had some porridge. But not very good lar... The ikan bilis was too salty and the peanuts were not crispy already.
Not the best breakfast buffet, but it was good enough to make me really happy the whole day! I always think a great breakfast cheers up my day! :D
But hooo~hoooo~ I'm so bloody sure I've put on weight after dating Mr. Wong!


Hayley said...

Luckily i've just had my b/fast.. otherwise, there'll be saliva all over my keyboard now.. lol..
anyway, those food looks really yummy to me!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha... I know... Many people said my blog is always so 'seducing'!
So you're a breakfast person too?

Chee Leong said...

Objection!! I wasn't sleepy at all while having the breakfast buffet...

I was thinking something really important.... >:D

ShiRLeXia said...

You said you're still very sleepy not in a mood for too much food!

rainbow mushroom said...

definitely more to explore in Cap Square~

ShiRLeXia said...

You know more good restaurants there?

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