Monday, December 28, 2009

The 'i's on X'mas Eve & Boxing Day (& it was our 2nd month!)

X'mas eve @ Dragon-i
Remember I said my dear gave me a treat at T.G.I Friday for something I've promised to do just for him?
Well, I went caroling with him and went for a Christmas Service at the church on X'mas eve. Yes, if you haven't know, my dear is a Christian and I'm not, so not. But for the relationship to work I'll just have to try...
Anywayz, before we went to the church, we've decided to have a big Christmas meal. And we went to Dragon-i, because that was also my first visit to the already very famous restaurant.
Again, WHAT???
Haha... Nevermind, I'm not a Dragon-i virgin anymore~! :pEven the appetizer, steamed peanuts was good!
Since my dear insisted I try the Siu Long Bao(yeah, it's my nick name), I tried it! Yes, it is indeed very nice! I guess a lot of you already know lar, the soup in it was like bloody yummy lor, especially when you have your first bite!!!The very famous Dragon-i Siu Long Bao!
Siu Long Bao x2...
For main course, I had the Fried Pork Chop Ramen. Well, I don't really fancy the fried pork chop, but the handmade ramen itself is really really good! You can taste the difference between the ramen here and the ones in other restaurants! And the soup is quite special too, I think there are some peanuts in it, like some satay gravy. Dear had the steam chicken rice, which is really not bad too hey! The fragrance from the rice is so nice! Well, I guess, what you pay is what you get lor. With the price we are paying, it is only worth it if the food are that good!Very the nice punya Pork Chop Ramen! Slurp~!
And I love the fact that they put vege in the steamed rice!

Boxing Day @ Canton-i
And this day was also our second month anniversary!
Yap, only two months! Long way to go~!
So my dear appeared in front of my house with 2 dozens of roses (don't worry dear, I'm not telling people why you had to give me so many roses :p)! Very sweet of my dear!That was also the first time I've receive so many roses at one time! Thanks my dear! Muaks...
I'm so totally a 'flower girl'! I mean, those girls who constantly tell their bf not to buy flowers for them because its a waste of money or blah blah blah, they are either trying to act fake or they are those not so feminine kinda girls lor. I LOVE RECIEVING FLOWERS!!!
After that we went for our 2 month anni brunch at 1U. I was in a mood for Dim Sum. But the restaurant that he wanted to bring me to already closed down. So, no choice, all of a sudden we are being so supportive of the 'i's company, we went to Canton-i. Of course, that wasn't my first visit (you all should know I love their porridge), but for him it was. Dear trying to act cool... Kekekeke...
We think the Dim Sum are a bit too pricy, so we only ordered our favourite Har Gao and his favourite Zha Leong, both are equally good. Dim Sum are not too bad at Canton-i.
Then I had my fish and deep fried intestines porridge, still yummy as always! And he had the Ng Bou Fun (5 tressures rice?). Besides the fact that the portion is a bit too small, the taste is totally great! Hahaha... I'm a bit lazy to type caption anymore...
Another example of pricy but good food. :)


Hayley said...

yaya, the xiu long bao is very yummy~ dip with the ginger gravy, wah slurppp~

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea... And you will have to be very careful when you pick it up with the chopsticks so that the soup inside won't spill!

Lay JinG said...

I love dragon I but not canton I... haha... just went once then oso the last liao!

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh you're not the first one to not like Canton-i.
But I just lurrrrrveeee their porridge!