Thursday, February 26, 2009

I need help, guys!!!

OMG, I've just finished watching Sean Penn's Oscar acceptance speech again! And that was like probably the 100th times or something like that. I can even remember what he said now, you commie-homo-loving sons of guns! And oh, the more I see him, the more I think he is so handsome, and the more I wish I was Robin, his wife who actually used her hands and forced him to kiss her before he went on stage to accept the award!!!
Gosh, Sean Penn really makes me blush!!!*Blush*Sean Penn is the most handsome guy in the world, at least for this week!
For those of you who haven't watch Milk, which is obviously not going to be on Malaysian cinemas (because Malaysia is not a commie-homo-loving sons of guns' country), you better watch it whenever you have a chance! I just found out the director, Gus Van Sant was also the director of Good Will Hunting! Gosh, he is my hero man! He made my Matt Damon won an Oscar years ago, and now he made Sean Penn has his second one too!
Anywayz, here's the preview...

So I'm obviously having this Sean Penn fever since the last few days. I'm now crazy hunting for his older and famous movies!!! I just got Mystic River, the movie that he won his first Oscar's Best Actor award 5 years ago, and surprisingly found Into the Wild (2007), which is a movie he directed. I'm now dying to get 21 Grams (2003) and Dead Man Walking (1995), which is so old that I'm almost sure it's very tough to find the VCD or DVD. And if possible, I want to get Sweet and Lowdown (1999) too!
So guys, I will need your help to find them! Whether it's VCD or DVD, originals or pirated (but don't tell Sean Penn lar), or even downloaded version (shhhhhh...), I want them all, PLEASE!!! Help me find them, ok?
Thanks a lot in advanced!!! :)

And here are the movies I've watched recently...
Burn After Reading
I got interested after seeing the very unique and eye-catchy poster and knowing that it's the latest work of the Coen brothers (last year's Oscar Best Director winner).
The storyline itself is quite unique, it's like everything happened very randomly and you will be surprise by many of the scenes. I think it is basically a comedy, although I think only about 20% of the movie made me laugh, a little. But I honestly don't like the ending, it made you feels like, WTF??? That's all??? But maybe that is art, not for me to understand.
But I guess the best thing is the cast! I love almost every single one of them! Except for John Malkovich (really have no idea who's that guy), there are George Clooney (ooohhhh... Sexy old man+funny), Brad Pitt (I actually like him in this movie more than in Benjamin Button), Tilda Swinton (she is bloody cool) and Frances McDormand (gosh I love her)! They just made the movie looks so good, especially Frances, she is hillarious!
So... My conclusion is, it's not too bad, if you don't mind spending your money watching these very famous actors and directors' work! Of course, don't be surprise with the ending!

Billu Barber (Hindi)
So, a Hindi movie after probably 2 years!
I saw the poster at the cinema earlier and I thought, this one looks good, I must watch it, although it means I might be the only Chinese in the whole cinema (in fact I was the only one). The reason I was attracted was because it says it's a comedy, and incidentally starring Shah Rukh Khan ('Shah Rukh Khan' didn't attracts me okay, it was the word 'incidentally'), and most importantly there is Irrfan Khan. If you just watched Slumdog Millionaire, he is the guy playing the role of the police, I'm quite a fan of him!
The story talks about Billu, the barber (Irrfan Khan) who owns a barber shop but is having no business and no money. Suddenly his old time friend Sahir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), who is a superstar came to his village to film a movie. Everybody knows Billu is his friend and thus came to pamper him with money and all loads of stuff so that Billu can bring them to meet Sahir. But Billu's egoness avoided him from going up front to meet Sahir, worried that he might have forgotten who he is... Then there is this stories in the middle lar, of course in the end it's a happy reunion.
I actually like the movie. Simply because it is not that 'emo', not that 'over-reacting', and not too much of the dancing and singing (got lar, but considered little liao lor). Best of all, its all about friendship and not about love, or hardness to love, etc... Just not that kinda ordinary Hindi movies you know. But it's really weird watching Irrfan Khan speaking Hindi in the entire movies! I reckon he is such a hot item in Hollywood now. I saw him in the Namesake and A Mighty Heart, and then Slumdog Millionaire! Of course, all English speaking movies! By the way, Shah Rukh Khan didn't sounds so 'incidentally' as the poster says. I actually think he has quite the same scenes as Irrfan Khan okay?

Alright, I hope I can post up one on my Broga Hill trip by tommorrow. Till then, see ya! :p

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