Thursday, February 5, 2009

I was late because of Slumdog Millionaire!!!

Yea, I got the DVD last night, and was like oooohhhh yeah so damn excited, and watched it straight away at around 12 something midnight (plus an electricity disturbance at around 2 something in the morning) and ended up sleeping at 3am in the morning! And shit, when I got up this morning it was freaking 9AM!!!
So here's my review of the Golden Globe's Best Film award winner' movie and two other CNY movies...

Slumdog Millionaire
I've never watched any of Danny Boyle's work before this although he sounds really famous. But honestly speaking I really admire him for having the guts to challenge such a movie like Slumdog Millionaire! Anywayz, you might or might not know there is this whole lot of critics, protests and even lawsuits against this movie, especially the reaction from India itself is scary. But well, we all love controversy, right?
But we forget about all those stuffs, especially regarding religion and races. I'm talking about this movie as a Chinese who doesn't know much about all those and only have an Indian best friend in her life ok!
The story is about Jamal, an orphan/call center assistant who went on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and went on till the final question before getting arrested by the police, suspecting he was cheating on the show. He of course, did not cheat, it's just that people's perception is, how come some random uneducated chaiwalla(the person who serve tea) can answer those question? Sure got some problem one! That is already a point that I love! I never really like science-fiction or whatever vampire or comics movies because they are all really not real stuff or story. I love things with a 'reality' bit in it! So then Jamal had to explain how he knows the answer to all the questions by taking you all back to his kid time, one by one he sorted out the answers... If you are a loyal reader of mine, you should also know I love smart movies. Like this one, the entire movie is actually just something that happens in like two days time, and how they make Jamal's story so touching, yet has some clues to the answers really amazed me!
The delivery of the story, the transition from the game show, reality and the flashback was also really well done! I also love the fact that the movie shows the other side of India, the poor yet colourful side of the country. Those images might be a bit disturbing, but I believe those are what that made this movie so interesting! I also love the homour of the Taj Mahal part, that was like so freaking funny man!
Oh,not to forget, the music by A.R Rahman was pretty cool too!
The only thing I don't prefer is the cheesy part lar. "This is our destiny!". OMG!!! What kinda line is that??? But think about it, this is an Indian story lar, cheesy lines are A MUST!
And the movie makes me think of Revathi so much, and also Vin Chin, my Koko from India. I just realised, Indians actually shake their head when they want to say 'yes'! Funny, isn't it? Revathi is so going to kill me if she see this! Hahahahaha... :p
Actors wise, not very special lar. I'm just wondering, why does Jamal's brother Salim looks more like American Black than an Indian? He looks like Michael Jackson about 20 years ago! And Latika definitely look older than Jamal, Jamal is such a kid! And I like Irrfan Khan!!!
Anywayz, overall, I LOVE IT! You should watch the movie if you have a chance, I'm so fucking serious!!!
Best of all, if you are boycotting American products like my boss (who would quit eating McD and Subway but can never ever stop using Windows), this is a British movie! Yay~! :p
I soooooooo hope the movie will win the Oscar next month (I'm just guessing it's next month), although I've yet to watch other nominated movies. GO SLUMDOG MLLIONAIRE! GO!!!
I've got Milk with me and I can't wait any longer to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Arrrrrhhhh... I HATE BRAD PITT)!


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Lay JinG said...

oh, slumdog millionaire so nice? haha...

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes Lay Jing, it's a very interesting movie to watch!

Fei said...

:) Just to say hi!

Of all three, i only watched All's Well End's Well... Just as you said, it's funny but just plain funny. I didn't even remember what it's about right after i got out of the cineplex...

Slumdog Millionaire that nice huh? I reckon i can't get it in local DVD stores right? Guess i'll just have to order from eBay.

Thanks for sharing ;)

rainbow mushroom said...

i dont care what u said... i want to watch SlumDog. thanks... will return u dvds along when i borrow from u... :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Wow! You came!!!
I must go buy lottery!!! Hehehehe...
And you can read my Chinese words???

You dun care what I said? You mean the fact that I dun like All's Well End's Well or I HATE BRAD PITT???

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

i jz watched slumdog y'day.
Oh boy, I love's a great movie.
and the little Jamal so cuteeee, i cant stop laughing when he jumped into the shit pond for amitabha autograph XD

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea ler??? It's really a great movie ler???
I know!!! Jamal's kids time one all very funny! The Taj Mahal part also damn funny!!!

ah joe said...