Monday, March 30, 2009

Do you miss HIM???

It's been a long long time since the last time I say anything about him. I know for sure some of my readers actually enjoy reading my blog because of him. In fact, some only visit my blog to read about him. I know many of you are actually missing him. I missed posting blog post about him too. BUT I DO NOT FUCKING MISS HIM AT ALL!!!
You know who I'm talking about...
Who else if it's not THE GREAT DANIEL TANG CHENG KET???
OMG, I found I just almost typed THE 'LATE' DANIEL TANG CHENG KET!
No idea who he is, yet? Click here to have an introduction before continue reading this post.
Sometimes he would be pretty good and fast in response to our complain, so sometimes I feel bad too to bitch about him in my blog. But sometimes he's just fucking worth it for me to bitch about. I was so pissed off just now reading his SMS that I can't help bitching about him and his crap here!!! The issue this time sounds like this...
For more than a year staying in the house, we've tied up some strings outside the house to hang our clothes. For more than a year, no problem at all. And then I think last month we suddenly saw this clothes hanger outside and the strings were all gone! So we were like, okay, Daniel Tang finally bought us the hanger. But why he had to cut off the strings ler? And after one month, we all found it very inconvenient without the strings. Reason being, there are more than 10 people staying in the house!!! One hanger is probably only enough for one person's laundry! So we need the strings lar. Ducum and I Rene put on new strings last week just to find Daniel Tang cut it off again two days later!
So today I SMS-ed Daniel Tang to ask what is the reason he had to cut off the string. Well, I just skipped washing my clothes for one week because I was in Taiping over the weekend, obviously my laundry is all piled-up and I need to wash them so badly!

My one-week-full of laundry! Still cannot wash ler!
And this is Daniel Tang's reply...I was so FUCKING PISSED OFF reading that!!!
First thing first, our house is just a normal house, not some kinda five-star high-class hotel, everybody hang clothes on strings here! I don't see what's the fucking problem here! Refugee camp? So yea, we are refugees, very unhappy refugees staying in a 'country' own by Daniel Tang, an ugly, fat, unfashionable, stupid, brainless, stingy leader! Shit I was like so on fire I actually started sweating in the office with air-con on!
And did you see what was the first word he typed? 'Ken'.
He thought I'm Ken! Ha! *Fire burning hot here!*Wait, or is it these Ericca's undies that made it looks like refugees camp???
So I replied him saying... There were no such rules in the house that we cannot hang the clothes on a string. And he had never told us about that. And that it is wrong that he didn't inform us before cutting off the strings (twice). I also told him we had to buy the strings (money) and tied it up (energy), he can't just cut-off and took the string away just like that. Okay, I admit, I put 'you need improvement in doing business, dude' in the end of the SMS. Honestly, one hanger for more than 10 people in the house is NOT ENOUGH! Every human being who has brain knows that. Only for Daniel Tang Cheng Ket. Well, maybe he is not human being, he is a bloody vampire, bloody fat and ugly vampire!!! And obviously doesn't have any piece of brain in his big head!
Well, his next SMS made me actually shouted 'WTF' at the gym...GO FUCK YOURSELF DANIEL! SURVEY MY FEET LAR!
I'll give you the fucking proof you want here!!!As I came home, the hanger is full of clothes, some even stacked! They actually stink, okay? As I walked into the house I see more clothes on the sofa, stinking like hell too!
Yes, together, we say it... EUWWWW~~~!!!
So, obviously, I can't do my laundry tonight! I've said this several times, but I just have to say it again. FUCK YOU DANIEL TANG CHENG KET!!!
Of course, I'm also worry if he agrees to buy us another hanger, it would most probably come after a long long while. Why? Simply because he is the FFK Wong (FFK King)!
There are simply too many things that he had promised but never did. Just too many for me to remember or to count. I can now only think of the second router he had promised to buy a year ago and is not here yet. And we are still using the shitty internet connection. I'm already now using my personal broadband thingy to post this... Memang tak boleh harap punya bastard!!!

One thing I can understand him not being able to keep his promise is that he has so many houses to take care of, and he has other part-time jobs, plus, he loves to go back to his hometown.


Mou Kam Dai Go Tau, Mou Dai Kam Dai Chek Mou’! If you couldn’t handle so many things, then don’t do so many things! I don’t know if it kills you or not, it certainly kills us, your ‘dearest’ tenants.

The other one thing that irritates me was of course when he randomly let 4 constructions workers stayed in our house for more than a week. Okay, I admit I might have some discrimination/racist on these weird looking people, but god damn it, this is supposed to be a safe student hostel! How can you simply put some dangerous looking people in our house???

Everyone was shocked when we saw them all topless in the house, especially the very dark Indian fellar. There was also two other Malays and one Chinese uncle I think. They made the whole house stinked like hell. Also, they smoked in their room! I bloody can’t stand that!!!

Thank god they are gone now. Phew~!

But to all of you out there who want to rent a room in Sunway area, do you want all these shit in your house? Think about it, it is just wise to boycott Daniel’s business. To make sure you aware of Daniel Tang Cheng Ket and his shitty work renting out houses and cheating students around the area, I'm now typing all the words for you to find my blog when making a Google search on renting houses or rooms...

Daniel Tang Cheng Ket, Squarefeet Service Hostel, Bandar Sunway, PJS.

You know you should not rent from him once you see or hear his name!!!

Note: FFK=Fong Fei Kei, a Cantonese phrase for people who don’t keep their promise.


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

i can feel ur fire!
calm down calm down....
i u'stand ur feeling. it's terrible to have tis kind of landlord.
i support u in I HATE DANIEL TANG!!!!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Aih, XT, now u know u're very hang fok staying in such beautiful house in Penang lar?
My house is not only ugly, but also HAS A LANDLORD THAT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!