Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pan Fried Dory Fish with Honey Mustard Sauce & Cold Soba Salad

I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to do this on purpose, but this is a post about food AGAIN!!!
So, I went to Subang Parade last weekend and was soooooo excited to find the honey mustard seed at the Cold Storage there! Well, I don't exactly remember what or how Jodi did with it when I was in Perth. I only remember it made a really yummy salad dressing! And so I bought one home.Yay! I love honey mustard! This one wholegrain somemore ler!
Apart from making salad with it as my breakfast lately, I've decided to make a fish dish with it. Well, I got the idea from my visit at Food Foundry. I'll call my dish Pan Fried Dory Fish with Honey Mustard Sauce & Cold Soba Salad (Phew~Such a long name~!). The stuff I used are: dory fish, soba, celery, tomato, button mushrooms, asparagus, honey mustard. To taste: sald, pepper, soya sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and margerine (well, I always use that in stead of cooking oil). And don't ask me how much of those stuff you need, I always just 'agak-agak'. Hehehe...All the stuff I used. Aaahhh... The soba was hidden behind the FAT celery!
First thing first, cut the dory fish into pieces and marinate the fish with salt and pepper. This one I've asked my mom, she said I should 'massage' the fish.And so I 'massage' the fish with salt and pepper.
At the same time, boil the soba in salt water. Cut the button mushroom into smaller pieces, then dump them into the pot to cook for a while too. Then do the '过冷河' (drain over cold water), after that store in the fridge to make it cold. Also for the noodles, cut the celery into small pieces, tomato into cubes. Yup, all of these for the noodles, as side dish for the dory fish.
Next thing to do... Heat your pan, then put some margerine. Pan fried the asparagus... Oh the asparagus you only need to wash them and cut the end of the roots. It takes only about 2 or 3 minutes to cook them. After that, of course, do the same with the dory fish. Pan frying the asparagus and fish... Just one simple step to complete the dish! :)
Now for the fish dressing!
Now, this one, I DO NOT advice you to follow my way because I just did it randomly. I tried to find the resipe from the internet, but somehow couldn't find any! So I just simply mix everything in. At first I was just going to mix the mustard with soya sauce and wee bit of vinegar, but then it just looks so little! So I just heat up the wok and then add in some margerine then the mixture of the stuff, then some water, then more soya sauce and mustard...
I KNOW!!! Ducum was like... Wei, you really simply put anything in lor! Dressing randomly made by Chef Shirlexia!
BUT... Later everbody was crazy over the sauce! Hahahaha... My random experiment works, AGAIN! :p
Ok now, get the noodles (and mushrooms) out from the fridge, pour the tomato and celery in, mix well. Add some soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper to taste. And that's our cold soba salad!Very easy-to-make cold salad soba noodles.
Next thing is of course to make them look pretty on the plate! With Ducum's help (who put the noodles nicely on the plate), and me lying the asparagus as the base, then place the fish on top of them, finally pour the mustard sauce dressing over fish and around the plate, it's all done!
Here we have, Shirlexia's special Pan Fried Dory Fish with Honey Mustard Sauce & Cold Soba Salad...How? Do you feel like wanting to have dinner at my house now?
Everything I did tonight for dinner was really random, it was just me trying out everything with stuff that I love. And it turned out, it looks really good and tastes not too bad hey! The honey mustard sauce especially was like, really crazy! I don't even think I should 'cook' the dressing! Chef Shirlexia all smiles with her very satisfying work!
Other 'customers' who had the dinner tonight. Eh, they didn't pay!
I always think there isn't very sure rule in cooking! So go on and try cooking with your own way! It's just FUN!!!


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...'s really looks nice.
i wana try to cook, since i hv a such a pretty kitchen here =)

ShiRLeXia said...

Cheh... Showing off your kitchen nia...
Eh? Got internet liao???

Lay JinG said...

oh, nice try! hehe~ but i am so lazy to cook!

RayNic said...

haha, i want to try a recipe on dory fish oso, but dunno where to start...btw u have the same plate that i own oso (the green flower ones) was a free gift come with Darlie tooth paste, hehe.

ShiRLeXia said...

Lay Jing,
I'm always very excited to cook, but lazy to wash dishes!
SO that day my sister and her friend had to wash the dishes! :p

I think dory fish is very easy to cook anything with. Haha... I only remember the plate being a free gift, u very geng wor, still remember it's from Darlie! Hehehe...

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

not yet....
i oni can on9 in taiping or my aunty hse in penang.
kitchen so nice oso bo yong, i rather trade it with internet connection

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh? So u're in Taiping now? Or???